Blogging – The Useful Way To Spend Your Free Time

You’ve probably heard the word ‘blogger’ mentioned here and there, and wondered what exactly it is they do. You’ve also probably heard that bloggers can earn limitless amounts of money for what they do – and that’s right. So how can you get yourself into blogging, and what exactly does it entail, I hear you say? It can be done literally anywhere and at any time, so follow this guide to see how you could turn your free time into a money making hobby.#

What do I have to do to be a blogger?

A blogger writes or videos things that people are interested in viewing on the internet. There are a vast array of topics that you could write about, and if you’re passionate enough it could turn into a brilliant way to make money from it. The key point is to be publishing articles and pieces that are relevant to a target audience, and you should always make sure that they leave your blog having learned something new or grabbed a freebie off you. Think about when you click on to someone’s blog, it’s likely because you’re trying to find the answer to a question you’ve searched online right? That’s one of the basics on how blogging works. Unless you’re a celebrity or someone that people would regularly search for, it’s unlikely that people will want to read about your day.

I’m not experienced with website building…

You don’t have to be an expert with website building to create a good blog. There are many platforms that you could use which can help, like WordPress or Blogger. However, when it comes to designing your very own look, you could always go for someone to help you with professional web design. This can get you set up and running with a professional looking blog that all of your readers will love!

How do I get my name around?

To begin with, social media will literally be your best friend. The more followers that you can acquire, the more likely you are to have people visit your blog. Another good idea to get your name about is to approach companies that are in the same niche as your blog and ask them if they would be willing to send you products to review, for either exchange in keeping the product or payment. Remember that at first you can expect to not receive payment until the companies know you’re a trusted blogger.

Any other tips?

To make money right from the beginning of your blogging experience, you should consider having adverts placed on your website. You can do this through Google Adsense, and the adverts that appear will be relevant to the visitors browsing history, so you’re more likely to get a click through. If you do get a click, you’ll receive a small amount as a thank you from Google. Lots of clicks can equal lots of money, as you can imagine.

Why not try your hand at blogging today, and check out the links in the article for further information. You never know, this could turn into a full time career!