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How Technology is Revolutionising the Food Industry

The restaurant industry makes a lot of money, and they are investing a lot of it in new technologies that can change the way we order, cook, and serve food. Almost all fast food outlets are using apps that you can order through, but now restaurants are catching up. Just like any other aspect of life, technology is completely revolutionising the restaurant industry. These are just some of the new inventions out there that are changing the way that restaurants operate.

Touchscreen Food Vendors

The invention of touchscreen food vendors is completely removing the need for any human involvement in the ordering and producing of some foods. You are probably most familiar with the drinks dispensers, but some restaurants are starting to use them for more complex foods. If you’re a chef, don’t worry. These machines cannot cook a proper meal, but products such as the MooBella Ice Creamery Machine can produce almost one hundred different variations of ice cream dessert. This technology is only in its early stages, but eventually we could be looking at completely automated restaurants that have no human staff whatsoever.



In the kitchen environment, the uniforms that staff wear are subjected to all sort of spills and burns, so they need to be robust. Advancements in material technology are helping to combat a lot of these problems. The chef uniforms that you buy from places like Chef Works probably already make use of some of these innovations. A lot of materials that are usually associated with sport clothing are being used in the kitchen. These hydrophilic fabrics can reduce sweat and are resistant to spills. They are also very breathable, which is important in a boiling hot kitchen environment.

Restaurant Management Apps

In the past, a restaurant manager would have to keep abreast of all the tables in the restaurant and the progress of their orders themselves. But that is a thing of the past. A group of restaurant experts teamed up with some software developers to create Breadcrumb, an app that can deal with the floor management of a restaurant for you. It will give you a real time view of all of the tables and their orders, sending the tickets directly to the kitchen without the need for a waiter to run back and forth putting in orders. It can also catalogue all of the ingredients used in the orders and compare them with stock levels, putting in automatic orders when levels are low, meaning that kitchens will always be properly stocked.

LED Alert Systems

Anybody that has ever worked in a kitchen will tell you that it is an incredibly hectic place. Orders and instructions are being thrown around all over the place and people can easily get confused. If you let organization slip, then you will get behind on orders and your customers will be waiting a long time for food, meaning that they probably won’t come back again. Power Soaks Silent Alert System offers an elegant solution to this problem. Various different areas of the floor will light up to notify staff of time-sensitive tasks. For example, the floor next to the oven will light up when it is time to take food out, or the floor under the sink will light up when the kitchen is running low on plates or cutlery. This way, you can avoid getting behind on timing.