How to Ensure you Pass your MOT This Year

 If you’re planning to take your vehicle for an MOT test soon, there are a few things you can do and check to make sure it will pass the test the first time. 18.7% of vehicles that fail an MOT fail because of a problem with signalling and lightening, 12% fail due to suspension, and 10.2% fail due to brakes.

Here are some ways you can make sure that your vehicle will pass the MOT:


Check the lights

Take some time to check all of the lights on your vehicle, including rear and front lights, dipped lights, headlights, indicators, hazards and the high beam indicator. Many brake light bulbs and indicators have a colour coating which gives it its colour. This can sometimes peel off however, and if the light is shining white instead of yellow or red, you may find that it will fail the test.

Did you know that the police can give you a VDRN (Vehicle Defect Rectification Notice) if they pull you over and find that you’re driving with a faulty light? If you don’t fix it within 14 days you may face points on your license, a fine, or even prosecution.

Look at your suspension

Many people are unaware that they can check their own suspension by leaning on each corner of their vehicle before releasing it. If your shock absorbers are doing what they’re supposed to, you’ll find that the vehicle will quickly bounce back to its original position once you let go.


Check the Brakes

Obviously our brakes are one of the most important things to check, since they will help us stop suddenly in the event that we come across a hazard. You can check if your brakes are unresponsive or loose by pumping them a few times and seeing if the rubber on your brake pedal has worn away. Don’t forget to check your handbrake- this shouldn’t slide up without any resistance, and if it does you know that it’s likely that it has a problem.

Look at your Tyres

Before you go for your MOT, check your tyre pressure. On the driver’s side doorjamb or B-pillar, you’ll find the recommended psi (pounds per square inch) so you’ll know exactly how much you’re supposed to have.

Your tyre tread is also an important aspect of the test, and it needs to be a minimum of `.6mm for it to pass. You can check if this is ok by placing a 20p coin on its side in the tread’s grove. If you can see the outer rim of the coin then you should be prepared for it to fail. Don’t worry about your spare tyre, since this isn’t part of the MOT test.

Look over your windscreen

If you have blocked washer jets, this can cause you to fail. You’ll also need to check for any damage on your side of the windscreen in the wiper’s area. Wipers should also be checked for damage and tears and should easily clean your windscreen when used.

Be sure to check your new or used car checked regularly so you can pass the MOT the first time.

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