How to Use Visuals in Your Email Marketing Campaign

We’re in an unprecedented global pandemic. How are you marketing in the era of digital marketing plans? How are you using email marketing?

89% of marketers use email as the first channel for lead generation. Email marketing is a tried-and-true way to reach your customer base. If you are not using email marketing, your small business or company is missing out on customers.

Interested in email marketing statistics? Check out the following tips for visuals in your email marketing campaign.

Choosing Appropriate Pictures

When it comes to email marketing, visual content is an essential tool for success. Choosing appropriate pictures can be daunting, but there are a few tips to keep in mind. Select visuals that are relevant to your campaign and brand.

Look for images that draw customer engagement to your message. For your photographs to appear polished, take into account their size, resolution, and quality as well.  If you are looking for more appealing options, be sure to choose appropriate pictures when using visuals.

Visuals Should Be Subtle

When using visuals in your email marketing campaign, be sure to make them subtle. Make an effort to add pictures that assist your email without taking center stage. An overly prominent visual could detract from your message.

Choose small visuals or icons to draw your readers’ attention to a point you want to make, rather than overwhelming them with a large image. For example, include a small arrow graphic next to a call-to-action to direct your reader’s attention to your desired outcome.

Additionally, use visuals to separate sections of your email or highlight important information. If you’re using illustrations, apply a light filter to tone down their brightness. Finally, size your visuals to avoid stretching the format of your email.

Ensure That Images Are Mobile-Friendly

When creating visuals for your email marketing, always ensure that they are mobile-friendly. Although most email systems let you use a larger graphic, keep in mind that most mobile users will have a smaller screen size and may not be able to see a huge graphic. Make sure a visual is readable at both large and small sizes to make it mobile-friendly.

To make the file downloadable, you might also want to compress it. If using a GIF, try to keep the number of frames and file size as small as possible. Also, consider using an image-editing program to optimize your images for mobile devices.

Make sure all images in your email marketing campaign are mobile-friendly and optimized so that more people will be likely to see them.

Use Visuals in Email Marketing Campaign

Visuals are a great way to capture the attention of your audience and stand out from the competition. For effective and engaging customers, you must include pictures in your email messages. Yet, it’s important to choose an appropriate picture.

Visuals should be subtle and ensure that images are mobile-friendly. Try using visuals today and watch your email marketing campaigns take off!

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