Motorparks analyses the increasingly popular alternative fuel vehicle market

The alternative fuel vehicle market is continuing to go from strength to strength, especially with the figures reported on by the RAC revealing that more plug-in vehicles were purchased last year than for the preceding five years combined.

In light of this news, British car dealership Motorparks has shone the light on alternative fuel vehicles with its latest infographic.

View the entire visual below and discover:

  • How the concept of electric cars, which today includes stylish yet practical vehicles like the Renault ZOE and the Nissan Leaf, began with an invention by Anyos Jedlik almost 200 years ago.
  • How the first hydrogen vehicle can be traced back to an even earlier date — 1807 and an invention by Francois Isaac de Rivaz.
  • The inner workings of both electric- and hydrogen-powered vehicles.
  • The need-to-know information about vehicles that are powered using biodiesel, compressed natural gas and ethanol.

Learn more about the ever-growing alternative fuel vehicle market by taking a look at the full Motorparks graphic today…

Motorparks - The future of Alternative fuels