The Best Gadgets for Guys this year

Is your guy the geeky type? Or maybe your dad loves a good gadget and nothing makes him happier than the weird, wonderful…and useful. If you’re looking for some truly entertaining gifts for the guys, Hawkin’s Bazaar is a must visit website for this kind of needs. Here are the best gadgets for guys this year:


Virtual Reality Headset

Powered by smartphones, the virtual reality headset works by the user simply downloading the VR app onto their phone, putting their phone in the adjustable cradle inside the headset, strapping it on, and enjoying the experience.

As you move your head the view also moves, allowing users to enjoy a 360º look at their virtual environment. As the apps get even more impressive (thinking roller coasters and space), we imagine most people will be using these in the next few years.

Along with being pretty darn cool, the headset is also comfortable, so the guys in your life can watch 3D movies as well as experience virtual reality apps and games. You’re sure to end up purchasing one yourself.

Plug In Remote Selfie Stick

Like it or not, we are in the age of the selfie. And selfie sticks have revolutionised the way we take photos, allowing us to avoid that awkward double-chin effect, and have a much more flattering shot.

It can be hard to use traditional selfie sticks, as they rely on self-timers which can leave smiles looking fake and awkward. The Plug In Remote Selfie Stick allows you to plug the line into your headphone jack, and use the button on the handle as a camera shutter. The rod can also extend up to a metre, making it perfect for traveling if you’re hoping to get landscapes of simply big groups of people. We say this one isn’t just for the guys, and every girl needs one in her arsenal as well.


Remote Control Speed Boat

Let’s face it- most guys are simply big kids at heart. Perfect for brothers, sons, dads, and boyfriends, the remote control speed boat is a good idea for Christmas Day when they’re all hanging out together. Get a couple and they can race them down along the water.

This fast little speed boat can reach a cruising speed of up to 15mph-pretty impressive for something which operates from a remote control It also allows you to control it at a range of up to 100 metres, so you can let it go for a long sail without worrying about suddenly losing control.

Light up shot glasses

For the guy who has everything, these light up shot glasses are sure to be appreciated. Simply pour in your drink, press the base, and the bottom of the glass illuminates, reflecting lights up the walls and through the drink. They’re tough enough to withstand even the most craziest parties, include batteries, come in a pack of two, and are sure to be a winner for birthdays and stags do’s.