The Travel Apps Every Adventurer Requires

If you’re hopping on a plane this summer, soaking in hitherto unknown cultures or simply enjoying hotter, sunnier climes, then you’re probably looking for ways to boost your holidays. Thankfully today, with the advent of smartphones and tablets and the worldwide proliferation of high speed internet, there are ample opportunities to get the most out of your time away, these opportunities being in the form of apps. Here are some of the best travelling apps out there to put a shine on your vacation!
Going on holiday can, at times, be a rather bewildering experience. Abroad there are so many places to go, people to see and experiences to immerse oneself in, that often we can find ourselves crying out for some easy means of organisation. That’s where TripIt comes in. With this nifty little app, you can collate your booking emails, itineraries and other plans all in one easy to access place, making travel a complete doddle!
Backpacking in Goa? Spending months trekking across India? The likelihood is that you’ll probably get a little homesick whilst on your travels, and Skype is the best way to keep those homeward yearnings at bay. All calls through the app to other Skype accounts are completely free, and calls to telephones, via Wi-Fi, are priced at the very reasonable $0.02 a minute.

Golden Bingo:

Let’s be honest, you’ll probably find yourself waiting a lot when you’re traveling. Mostly in airports, but often you’ll be waiting for a train, bus or plane and that spare time could be spent having fun. We all have our vices, but Golden Bingo can be a fun way to keep yourself entertained while waiting for your next leg of your journey.

Enjoy playing mobile casino games to pass the time? LadyLucks is the place to do so, with hundreds of casino-themed titles available to players which can be played for free or for cash prizes. This is a perfect app for those incredibly tedious moments sat in airport lounges, train stations or siestas!
Google Translate
We’ve all used Google Translate once or twice, but did you know that the service’s app has an all new conversation mode? Incredibly useful, it lets users simply open the app up, hold the device to two parties speaking different languages, and receive live translations of the words being spoken. Yes, there’s a little bit of lag time and computer-based mistranslation, but it completely beats the tedium of flicking through a phrase book!
If you’re struggling to find cheap flights and travel deals, Hipmunk is the app for you. The awesome bit of tech lets the user peruse through flight deals and hotel quotes that are compiled in terms of the lowest priced, and also has support for new forms of hotel booking such as HomeAway and Airbnb, meaning the absolute lowest prices are yours for the taking.