Things To Keep In Mind When Buying Your Child A Tablet

Kids are becoming more tech-savvy.

By the time they are 3, most toddlers know how to operate a smartphone. Others know how to get their Alexa bot to play their favorite songs. Some parents see this as a bad thing. Others don’t.

Technology is playing a huge part in the education of children too and, in short, for your child to get ahead, they will need a device to help them.

In years gone by, this would have meant a tabletop machine. Nowadays, even a tablet can be beneficial to help your child get the most out of their education.

So, what should you consider before buying your child a tablet? Here are some tips to help you.

Who is going to use it?

Is this tablet for one of your children or for all of them? Will you also be using it?

If the tablet is solely for your child, you will need to set up some bits first. Like security and access to certain websites. All affordable tablets for kids allow you to set up security as the administrator. Thus, ensuring that your children will only be able to see websites that you want them to. There are also similar settings on websites such as YouTube. Ensure that all of these are set up before you give your child the tablet and make sure that any passwords are not easily found!

What will it be used for?

The age of your child makes a difference relating to the use of the tablet. Younger kids will generally want to play games. Older kids and teenagers will want to access the internet and sites like Wikipedia.

But older kids may also want to use the tablet for other things too, like creating art or making videos. So, when choosing a tablet, look for one that can support such activities.

If you aren’t sure, check the FAQ section on the site you are buying the machine from. If you are purchasing it second-hand, ask for a demo.


Nobody wants to hand their child a machine, only for them to drop it and break it.

Some tablets are more durable and rugged so being dropped won’t impact them. If you are opting for a more adult-friendly machine, however, always get a support case. This will usually be made of rubber and will take the impact from the machine being dropped. It is also wise to only give your child the device if they are sitting down. This will prevent drops and accidental damage from being caused.

Preloaded content

Having a child-friendly device is important, especially relating to internet controls and so on. But you should aim to give your child a device that is preloaded with apps and activities. Especially if the aim of the tablet is educational.

This will help to keep them focused and on task. Rather than spending hours playing games! Check that each app is accessible for their age too.

Battery life

A key factor to a good machine is its battery life.

Be sure to get a tablet that has a lengthy battery life and can hold a charge, otherwise, your child will likely cease to engage with it – thus, limiting their access to educational tools.