Top ways technology can improve your life this year

Technology has changed the world, impacting everything we do. If you’re hoping to make the rest of 2018 even better than last year, here are a few ways technology can improve your life:

Remove boredom

If there’s one thing technology is great at, it’s removing boredom from our everyday lives. If you’re wondering what to do this weekend, why not relax with a video live streaming app? There are plenty of live video streams so you can keep up to date with what’s going on. While Netflix is an excellent way to spend a rainy afternoon, there are plenty of other great apps to keep you entertained.


Whatever you’re hoping to learn, I guarantee there’s an app for that. Did you know that more Americans are learning a language on DuoLingo than in the entire public school system in the United States? With super interesting podcasts, educational YouTube channels, and cheap apps, you can learn anything you want- from cooking, to languages, to coding, and more.

Get fit and healthy

Many people can’t afford a personal trainer, and yet they still don’t quite know what they should be doing in the gym. These days, there are some super popular fitness influencers on Instagram who have launched their own apps. There are also plenty of online subscriptions, ebooks, personal training programs, and more. If you prefer to work out at home, YouTube is packed with great workouts regardless of your fitness level.

There are also more and more devices like Fitbits which encourage you to get active. Many of the latest devices can also monitor your health and send the information to your doctor. You can also check on how well you’ve slept and use apps to track your eating if you’re trying to lose weight.


If you’re someone who struggles to get things done, online technology can make life much easier. Everything from grocery delivery to online shopping and more can be done online. If you travel a lot, technology has changed the way we research, plan, and book our trips, and how we stay organised while we’re on the road.

More and more people are able to work from home thanks to the wonders of technology. This reduces our carbon footprints, helps us save money on gas, and reduces time spent commuting- which also minimises stress and improves productivity.