3 Tips for Booking Your Next Luxury Holiday

I love to travel in all shapes and forms. Whether it’s a luxury trip, or backpacking through South East Asia, exploring more of this world is my favourite hobby. Because you’re spending a lot more to enjoy a luxury holiday, your standards are going to be higher and you want to make sure you’re getting value for the money that you’re spending. I’ve done a lot of luxury travel over the past few years, and here are my top 3 tips for booking your next luxury holiday.

1. Consider a Package
Companies that offer packages, such as cruise ships, or luxury holiday companies, can negotiate better rates than you’d be able to get working individually with said companies. This is because they’re buying in bulk, which means that the providers give them lower rates and those savings as often in part passed on to you. Booking luxury holidays in a package means that you can get an ‘all-inclusive holiday that includes a luxury resort, flights, and transfers for a very affordable price point. You might be surprised by how much value you actually get, so be sure to check out this option before you commit to anything.

2. Use Points
If you have a credit card, why not use points to help subsidise some of the costs of luxury travel. You could use credit card points if you have them to cover flights, and then use the money you were planning to spend on flights to upgrade your accommodation to luxury accomodation. If you’re not collecting travel credit card points yet, why not?! Shop around to see what credit card works with your preferred airline or hotel chain, and get collecting your points!

3. Consider Cheaper Destinations
If your budget isn’t quite there for luxury in the Maldives, or Dubai, why not choose a country that offers better value for money? That way you can enjoy luxury, without breaking your budget. Some great options include Mexico, Thailand, Turkey, Indonesia and Malaysia. While you may spend more on flights going to these further-off destinations, once you’re there your money will go so much further, allowing you to enjoy real luxury accommodations at modest price points.

I’m a big fan of luxury travel and these tips have allowed me to enjoy more luxury trips on a modest budget.