3 top tips to beat departure lounge blues

Trying to stay entertained in an airport departure lounge is like trying to stifle your yawns during a PowerPoint presentation on bus registration plates in the 1970s.

These limbo-like hubs for flight are usually decked in plain white. The most interesting thing you can do in them is find a seat that’s slightly less uncomfortable than the rest.

Indeed, many people claim that air travel is more stressful than moving house. And if you suffer from a fear of flying, that stress and tension won’t be assuaged by the doldrums of a departure lounge.

To get through your lengthy wait, you’ll need a few distractions. Try a few from this list and you’ll be able to make it at least a little more pleasant.


A great greeting

Parking in an airport is a nightmare at the best of times. These labyrinthine areas are about as intuitive as quantum physics and are busier than a tin of compressed sardines.

Have you ever tried to chill out after hunting for a parking spot? It’s like trying to cool down a kiln with a hairdryer.

To stay relaxed before you board your flight, search for a company that will pick up your car from your terminal and find a spot for you.

The Stansted meet and greet service at Stansted airport, for example, will take your vehicle off your hands and transport it to a secure lock-up, bringing it back when you return from your trip.

So you’ll be able to head straight to your departure lounge without any hassle.

There’s a world out there

You know, you don’t have to be trapped in a departure lounge for aeons before your flight. Even if you airport is in the middle of nowhere, there could be a local village or landmark nearby that’ll be happy to help you pass the time.

Before you head for your flight, find out what points of interest are nearby and give them a look. Who knows – they might offer more possibilities for fun than your actual holiday.


Plug and play

Plugs have never exactly been a great conversation starter. If you were to tell someone about your favourite nine volt adaptor, for instance, your conversation will end pretty quickly.

But when your laptop’s battery life is slowly dying, that dull plug suddenly becomes your best friend. Yet imagine the HORROR of having nowhere to use it. You’ll have to watch your laptop fizzle out like an extinguished sparkler.

Always be sure you’re near a plug socket when you’re in a departure lounge. They’re the seats that are taken long before any others, so showing up early might not be such a bad idea.