4 Helpful Tips for Traveling With Asthma

Around 5-10% of the adult population has asthma, with women being considerably more affected than men. This mens for a large percentage of us, we have to think about this condition when we travel. If you’re headed overseas for the summer, or planning a trip for a few months down the line, the reality is traveling with asthma does require some forward planning. You’re going to want to make sure you’re making some smart decisions before you even leave the house, you can have a healthy and stress-free trip. Here are my top 4 helpful tips for traveling with asthma:

1. Get Specialized Travel Insurance
Because asthma is considered a pre-existing condition, there’s a considerable chance that a travel insurance company wont provide coverage for it. That could be a financial disaster waiting to happen should you have a medical emergency related your asthma overseas. If you’re looking to be quite adventurous, headed to remote areas, or quite simply have a severe case of asthma ,then you might want to look into this further. Having specialised travel insurance for asthma sufferers allows you an extra level of peace of mind that should your asthma get out of control, you’ll be able to get whatever medical treatment you need, wherever you are.

2. Pack Your Medication in Your Carryon
Have you ever lost a suitcase when traveling? I haven’t, either, but I honestly live in constant fear that it could happen. I always pack any medication I’m taking with me in my carryon, and I always take a spare set too just incase. If you’re traveling with someone else, you can pack a spare set of medication in their carryon too, just to have an extra safety net. While you’re at it, make sure to pack a change of clothes (or two) in your carryon incase your checked luggage goes missing. Lately due to a shortage in workers and a huge influx in travellers, there has been a lot more incidents of lost luggage.

3. Make Sure Your Hotel Rooms Are Non-Smoking and Pet Free
You want your health to stay as good as possible, and if you have any allergy issues that can flare up your asthma, it’s important that you specify when booking hotels or Airbnbs that you stay in locations that have been pet-free. Likewise, you’ll want to avoid any hotel rooms or Airbnbs that have a risk of allowing guests to smoke inside. You’ll be spending at least 8 hours a night there sleeping (hopefully) so it’s very important that where you’re staying doesn’t impact your asthma and cause a flare up.

4. Have a Doctor’s Visit Before You Go
If you’re traveling very far, or for a long time, I would definitely suggest having a general wellness check up with your doctor before you go. Talk about your asthma and if you feel comfortable, talk to them about a good asthma first-aid plan should you find yourself having an asthma attack overseas. What medicine should you use? Can your doctor prescribe something to help you incase you have an emergency, especially if you’re somewhere remote? Should you have an asthma emergency, be sure to stay upright, stay calm and take slow and steady breaths. Be sure to let someone know what’s happening and if you can’t get it under control seek emergency help.

Traveling with asthma doesn’t have to be too difficult, especially if you have specialised insurance and spare medication. Be sure to make a plan incase you do have a medical emergency and be sure to keep the local emergency contact numbers handy at all times.