4 Reasons to Visit Berlin at Least Once in Your Lifetime

Berlin has more aspects to it than just techno music and beer. People from all over the world congregate in Germany’s capital city, which boasts an unorthodox culture. This city is always re-inventing new methods of living and is defined as the festival capital of Europe. This is a city that enjoys art and was once entirely covered in graffiti. Due to new construction projects, most of it has vanished now. 

To brief down, here are four reasons one should visit this city and experience its free spirit nature. 

  • Art and History

The history of Berlin has the power to pique anyone’s interest in the subject. The East Side Gallery memorial is an open gallery that is part of the Berlin Wall’s longest span. Paintings adorn the walls, expressing independence and hope for the future. Because this runs counter to the original motivation for the construction of the wall, it makes Berlin distinctive. There are numerous museums present in the city, it’s also home to artists and musicians from all over the world.

Tempelhof airport is the place to go if you want to hang out with the locals. This is the only site in the world where a whole airport has been abandoned and turned into a skateboarding and hangout spot for the locals. Even though it’s a tourist attraction, the view from the TV Tower is worth seeing. You can encounter the city’s divisions and the vast area it covers.

  • Festivities and local cuisine

There isn’t much to say about Berlin’s nightlife and festivals; after all, it’s renowned as Europe’s Festival Capital for a reason. Come to this city to satisfy your nightlife demands. Some underground party hotspots are usually found on the outskirts of town. If you’re fortunate enough to be a member of a Berliner’s group, you’ll be spared the trouble and become a regular at those underground rave events in no time. Apply for a Visa Express right now to enjoy Berlin’s legendary nightlife.

In Berlin, good food may be found in local fast food joints; no McDonald’s or Burger King can compare. Doner kebabs are the greatest; they are delicious and inexpensive. There are numerous Turkish cafes open late across the city. For about 2 Euros and 70 cents, you can purchase yourself a mint tea, a bag of sunflower seeds, and a large bowl to toss away the peals.

  • Value for Money

This city boasts a large flea market and a public karaoke that is available to the public every Sunday. Berliners have a tense relationship with the concept of success being related to money. People do their little job to help pay the bills that keep their lives afloat. They believe that having money as a goal separates them from everything else that makes life meaningful. This is the reason why a lot of things are required daily are available at affordable rates. 

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Berliners believe in recycling and making better living choices. You will find these vending machines for recycling empty water and in return, you will get back a certain amount of money. 

  • Boundless lifestyle

It’s cool to be sociable in Berlin; everyone engages in conversation with everyone. Numerous photo strips can be found throughout the city. This is because there are approximately 25 vintage photo booths known as photoautomats built across the city’s streets. This is there to draw attention to the development of culture. Berliners are kind and have a mindset of a free way of living. The philosophy of letting go and being present at the moment is followed by everyone in the city. Rather than being preoccupied with their phones, they choose to sit in parks in each other’s company.

Berlin has been through a lot of bad times in the past, which may explain why it’s the way it’s now. This city may make you rethink your way of living and guide you to listen to your voice. It’s one prominent place to experience once in your lifetime.