4 Tips for Budget-Friendly Travel to Australia

Australia is a popular holiday destination for those who want to get away from cold winters. While many travelers dream of taking a cruise to Sydney to explore the Land Down Under, not everyone can afford such a luxurious trip.

Not to worry though. By planning your trip properly and following these tips, you can travel to Australia without breaking the bank.

Cut Down on Transportation Costs

Since summer is the most popular season in Australia, travel costs skyrocket. To get bargain airfares, fly during spring or fall instead. Check out air pass offers that bundle roundtrip airfares with domestic flights.

Various transportation options are available when traveling within the country. Get a rail pass for a scenic trip via the Great Southern Rail, or book car shares through Gumtree or Jayride and make friends along the way.

If you have lots of vacation time, get a bus pass from Greyhound and snag discounts and specials. Traveling with the entire gang? Rent one of those green Juicy camper vans for the best road trip ever.

Take Advantage of Free Stuff

Group tours may be convenient but they can be costly. Explore on your own and take advantage of free entrances to museums, gardens, and beaches. 

Museums that offer free entry include the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney, The Art Gallery in New South Wales, and the National Gallery in Victoria. Stroll through Brisbane’s Botanic Gardens or hike through Sydney’s Blue Mountains. Sign up for free walking tours in Sydney and Melbourne.

Skip zoo trips and spy Aussie wildlife for free. Watch kangaroos play on the shores of Pebbly Beach and wait for koalas by the Great Ocean Road in Victoria. To spot some wombats and echidnas, head to Tasmania and Kangaroo Valley.

For some nightlife, check out local schedules for free festivals and events. 

Go for Cheap Eats and Good Treats

Skip touristy restaurants. There are a lot of places to get food that’s delicious yet affordable. Choose from a selection of quick inexpensive meals at department store food stalls. Savor some fish and chips in towns along the coast. Grab some street food from American style food vans in Adelaide, Perth, Sydney, and Brisbane.

If you’re staying in a hostel or rental with kitchen facilities, shop for groceries in the local supermarket and cook your own food. A lot of parks have BBQ facilities that can be used for free by the public. Just buy meat, fish, and veggies then start grilling.

Buy booze from bottle-o, Australia’s liquor stores, to avoid costly drinks in restaurants. A lot of restaurants let you bring your own beer or wine.

Ditch Expensive Hotels

The typical cost for accommodation, food, and tours is around $100-150 AUD per day. Travel light and go backpacking to cut this almost in half.

If you plan on staying for a month or so, consider WWOOFing. This farm stay option gives you free room and board in exchange for work. It’s actually a great way to interact with the locals and experience genuine Australian culture.

Other affordable accommodations include hostels, couch surfing, homestay, and vacation rentals. You can also go camping in one of the many well-maintained campgrounds and caravan parks.