5 Christmas markets around the world

Christmas markets are a celebration of all things festive, but you can only go to your local setup so many times before the entertainment and local food starts to get too familiar. If you’re looking for a winter holiday where you can sample local delicacies, enjoy a festive setting and shop-til you drop, then you should visit one of these infamous Christmas markets.

We’ve teamed up with experts from Compare and Choose to narrow down 5 Christmas markets around the world that stand out from the rest:

Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb won “Best Christmas Market in Europe” three years in a row, so you won’t need to worry about the good reviews coming from a one-off event! The market’s relaxed atmosphere and affordable prices make it ideal for casual shoppers and party goers alike, with each year bringing more and more outdoor attractions.

Live concerts, artist stalls, fantastic food and thousands of beautiful light arrangements make Zagreb an amazing place to spend the Christmas countdown, but holidaymakers who are only stopping by for a day or two will still find themselves fascinated by the sheer scale involved. The market’s always changing and hosting new bands and booths – no two nights will be the same.

Strasbourg, France

Strasbourg is another vote winner, and holds the title “The Capital of Christmas” for a very good reason. The annual Christmas market is separated into different streets and squares to make navigating it much easier: food lovers or family groups won’t need to go hunting for different stalls and booths when they’re right next door to one another!

If you’ve had your fill of the market shows, Strasbourg itself won’t fail to entertain you! The cathedral is always surrounded by dazzling lights and festive trees, but beyond that is a city full of culture, nature and classic French food.

Bryant Park, New York

New York is the big city of big cities, but the Bryant Park Winter Village manages to bring out a very friendly, small-scale atmosphere. Each of the stalls offers unique hand-crafted items that you’ll probably never see anywhere else in the world, with the completely free full-sized skating rink in the middle being the cherry on top!

The cold weather doesn’t appeal to everybody, but Overlook can give you a warm place to sit and watch the winter weather, with free board games and art supplies to boot. It won’t take long before you’re completely immersed in the Christmas mood.

Tallinn, Estonia

Yet another award winner, Tallinn has been called the “number one best value destination in the world” thanks to the sheer variety on offer! The Tallinn Christmas Market is a very small-scale event, but it offers everything from high-profile concerts and gingerbread sculptures to local food and handmade souvenirs.

Unlike a lot of cities, Tallinn doesn’t try to overextend – the market’s easy to find and carefully packed into the town hall square, sticking to its medieval roots in a very quaint and sentimental way. History buffs will feel right at home in the historic, museum-filled streets of the Estonian capital.

The Rocks Market, Sydney

This year-round weekend market is already a popular holiday attraction, but during December you’ll find no better festive shopping experience than a Friday at The Rocks: gourmet food, house decorations, one-of-a-kind jewellery and dozens of other products are created and sold by real professionals from all over the country!

Since it opens every week on the exact same day, it’s easy to fit into your holiday schedule There’s no surprise renovations or ‘bad days to go’, you can simply turn up and start browsing the booths for all kinds of unique local products and treats – an excellent way to cap off low cost holidays from halfway across the world.