5 Reasons to Take a Campervan Trip Around France

With travel on pause for a good part of the year, many of us are dreaming of where we can visit and looking to lock some new adventures in as soon as possible. If you’re wanting to do an exciting trip that would work well for a group of friends, a couple, or even a family, then taking a campervan trip around France might be the perfect trip for you. Read on to learn my top 5 reasons to take a campervan trip around France.

1) Value for Money
Campervan hire in France can actually be one of the most affordable ways to travel more expensive countries like France. Because it’s both your accommodation and transport in one, you’re not paying twice for everything. If you’re traveling with family members, whether your children, siblings or even parents, renting multiple hotel rooms can quickly add up, whereas if you get a campervan with enough space for everyone it can work out considerably cheaper.

2) Health and Safety
Right now, with COVID-19 spreading around the globe, people are changing their habits from how they commute to work, to how they go out and enjoy life. Social distancing is probably here to stay for a while, so a campervan trip can be a great way to travel, without relying on public transport or checking in and out of hotels.

3) Easy Way to See a Lot
France has a lot to offer, and there’s so much to see, from some of the world’s most famous wine regions, amazing slopes, Paris and of course the charming seaside towns. France is a nice size for a campervan trip – it’s not too big that you’ll spend days on the road without seeing anything. Everything is relatively close by, meaning you’ll have more time to explore.

4) Comfort
There’s nothing worse than having to pack up your room every few days before checking in and out of a hotel. It’s quite time consuming and can take away from time spent enjoying the local sights and attractions. Having a campervan means you simply skip this step, and instead spend your time enjoying all that France has to offer. This is a huge benefit if you’re traveling with children as you won’t have to worry about their things too.

5) Freedom 
Renting a campervan can mean you have a lot more freedom than with a traditional trip – no worrying about rushing to make check in times or having to pay to make date changes, unless you’re checking into a camping ground. Everything you need will be with you in the campervan, allowing you an extra level of freedom which will ensure you have a fun and relaxing trip.