5 Reasons to Take a Cruise

Imagine going on holiday and never having to unpack, never having to worry about organising transport or budgeting for meals during the trip. That’s basically what a cruise is – a really relaxing holiday where you can just focus on creating special memories with your loved ones. Whether you’re a young couple, a group of friends, or a family – there’s a cruise that has exactly what you’re looking for. Here are my top 5 reasons to consider taking a cruise holiday:

1. Great Value for Money

Cruise deals¬†are designed to offer you exceptional value – value that is hard to find elsewhere. Because of the sheer number of cruises sold per ship, it’s possible for the cruise to offer all inclusive packages that would be hard to match elsewhere. I personally love going on a cruise and not having to worry about tipping, paying restaurants and how much my drinks are costing. Of course different ships have different policies so be sure to check before you book your cruise, so you can find one that offers exceptional value for money.
2. You Get to See a Lot
This is true for all cruises, but especially for cruises that go through parts of the world where it’s pretty expensive to get between islands or locations. For example, a cruise through the Pacific Islands can work out to be excellent for seeing a lot on a short amount of time, while still being cost effective. Flights between more remote islands can be extremely expensive and a cruise minimises your costs and the time spent in transit.3. Fun Activities for the Kids

If you’re traveling with kids, you know it can be a challenge to keep them entertained. Many cruise ships have kids activities and day care, allowing the parents to have a much needed break while the kids burn off some steam. There’s likely to be a few fun outdoor activities, some water slides and excellent pools as well, so the kids will never get bored. This ensures they’ll be tired by evening time, allowing you to get some time to yourselves as a couple, which is a win for everyone!

4. Lots to Do

Many ships have special nights of entertainment, from performances to fancy dinners. Of course what is offered depends a lot on your specific cruise, so be sure to check out what are some of the activities and entertainment offered, so you can find a cruise that really meets your needs and has something fun to offer you and travel companions.

5. Fun Excursions

While it could be possible to spend the entire holiday on board the cruise ship, part of the charm is the many destinations you’ll visit during your cruise. Often many cruise ship companies organise excursions on land so you can see a decent amount of a place within a condensed time frame. There’s also the opportunity to explore independently. Between all the activities to do on board and what can be done on shore, you’ll wont have a chance to be bored, ensuring that your cruise holiday is jam packed with wonderful memories.

Have you taken a cruise ship holiday before? What did you love the most?
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