5 Smart Yet Overlooked Steps for Planning the Perfect Family Vacation

No successful family vacation happens without some serious planning.

And although there’s plenty of thought that goes into any given family vacation, many first-time planners neglect some crucial details.

Think about it. Does everyone have stake in your trip, including your little ones? Are you doing everything in your power to maximize chances to memories and minimize tension among your family? Can you squeeze everything in that you want to do while still sticking to your budget?

Knowing the answers to these questions can be the difference between a five-star family and a less-than-stellar trip. That’s why we’ve outlined the following five essential yet overlooked tips to keeping your entire family happy during a family vacation while you’re still in the planning stages of your adventure.

Prioritize the Price Tag

First and foremost, your budget is perhaps the most important detail of planning a trip. How much you’re realistically able to spend ultimately frames how far you can travel, which attractions and can visit and how long your trip can last. To help keep more money in your pocket and expand your options, keep an eye out on Make My Trip offers and similar discounts that help you save on the likes of travel and lodging.

Let Everyone Pick One Vacation Must-Do

Don’t leave the sense of “family” out of your family vacation. Making the planning process more democratic when you have smaller children might seem ridiculous, but can ultimately cut down on tantrums and avoid tension as you actually give your kids take in your trip.

Whether it’s something as simple as visiting a particular restaurant or a typical tourist attraction, agreeing on what to do beforehand is a major plus for first-time planners who want peace among their families. As an added bonus, this also gives everyone something to look forward to and creates a greater sense of anticipation.

Plan for a “Lazy” Day

Especially on longer trips, a dedicated day for low-cost, low-commitment activities such as lounging, shopping or catching a movie are great for decompressing. You may be surprised at just how entertained and amused your kids are simply by being somewhere new. Lazy days don’t cost much and can help you relax when you’re on the tail-end of your trip.

Outline Expectations with Your Kids

Assuming that your kids will behave on your vacation is a rookie mistake that could result in some hurt feelings, especially if you’ve put a lot of time and money into planning the perfect vacation. Remind them beforehand that you expect good behavior in exchange for the fun they’re going to have. Teaching children empathy is easier said than done, but having these sorts of conversations gives them a sense of accountability and helps curb bad behavior.

Consider a Travel Toy

Another great incentive for good behavior among your little ones is a travel toy, essentially something they can look forward to when it comes time to killing time on an airplane. Whether it’s a book or handheld game, keeping your child’s attention occupied and furthermore sets a positive tone for your trip is a sound investment.

Planning a family trip doesn’t have to be a headache if you know which aspects of your vacation to focus on. By focusing on giving everyone stake in the planning process and providing something to look forward to, you set yourself up for a flawless vacation where everyone’s happy.