5 Underwater Adventures to Try When You Travel

So you’re planning your next trip and want to try something different. Whilst there’s a stack of excellent things to do above the waterline, have you considered the excitement that’s below? Getting underwater can bring a whole new element of excitement and thrill to your next travel experience. So what can be enjoyed underwater? Check out these five underwater adventures to think about when you’re planning your next holiday.


1. Spearfishing

It’s not the first thing that comes to mind when people think underwater adventures, which makes it a perfect activity when planning travel. You’d be amazed at how enjoyable spearfishing is: the serenity of being in the ocean, the thrill of the chase, the excitement of the capture! Spearfishing is an underwater activity you really participate in and it can be enjoyed almost anywhere around the world – as long as there’s a coastline. Start off in temperate, sub-tropical or tropical waters, ideally in a sheltered bay, until you’re used to your equipment. If you’re interested in spearfishing, talk to an expert, such as MOTackle, to gear up and prepare yourself for this exciting underwater activity today.

2. Snorkelling

Snorkelling is, without a doubt, a perfect tropical water activity. Right through the Pacific, you’ll find amazing spots to slip on a snorkel, mask and flippers and float through ocean vistas full of colour and teeming with life. You can find excellent snorkelling spots right throughout the tropics – the Pacific islands, the Great Barrier Reef, and a stack of excellent spots in Asia.


3. Diving

The popularity of diving has exploded in the last decade. Ocean explorers of all ages are finding new and exciting places to dive all the time, with new dive sites being developed constantly. Traditionally, diving has focused around the natural beauty of coral reefs, however, recent times have seen divers exploring new environments. Artificial reefs, such as sunken wrecks, have become increasingly popular with both new and experienced divers. Coastlines worldwide are littered with old and new wrecks just itching to be investigated by the intrepid diver.

4. Freediving

Freediving pits man against nature. For the uninitiated, freediving simply involves diving into the deep without the aid of a breathing apparatus. Freediving is enjoyed in both oceans, lakes and seas. Whether it be to explore a sunken wreck, the life around an oil-rig or the thrill of the deep blue without the aid of air, freediving is definitely one for the bucket lists of skilled swimmers.


5. Cave Diving

Yes, there are people that enjoy the thrill of diving in the deep water of caves. This particularly exclusive sport will see you challenge both your body, your mind and your senses as you travel into often uncharted waters, simply because they are there. Usually using Scuba equipment, guide ropes and a stack of preparation, cave diving enthusiasts often travel to places near and far in pursuit of their dreams.

Are you an underwater enthusiast? A spearfishing specialist? Crazy for freediving? Fanatic for cave diving? Where would you recommend to explore your sport? Share your ideas in the comments below.