6 Incredible Reasons To Visit Costa Rica

Are you thinking of adding Costa Rica to your bucket list? It might just be one of the best things that you decide to do! In this post you’ll find 6 incredible reasons to visit Costa Rica. They should definitely be enough to persuade you to plan your trip.

It’s One Of The Happiest, Most Laid Back Places

According to the Happy Planet Index, which measures things like well-being, this is the most satisfying place to live in the world. It sits just above Mexico and Columbia. Some think this is due to it being a peace loving nation, with no army. The people are friendly and amazing!


There are a ton of projects you can volunteer on. Maybe you’d like to help out at the sea turtle conservation, teach English, or basic sports skills. You have so much more to choose from when you volunteer in Costa Rica. This is a very rewarding thing to do, and you’ll no doubt have an amazing experience. This kind of thing looks great to potential employers and educational institutions.

Their Coffee Is The Best In The World

If you’re a coffee lover, then visiting Costa Rica is a must. Their coffee is among the best in the world, and many places import it from here.


It’s One Of The Most Unique Places You’ll Ever Visit

Costa Rica doesn’t feel the need to conform to other planets around the world. It’s one of the most unique places you will ever visit. Instead of saying hello, they say ‘Pura Vida’ which means ‘pure life’. When the women marry, they keep their maiden names for life. It’s also biodiverse, and has more than a dozen volcanoes. You won’t see anywhere like this ever again!

Barely Any Brits

If you often travel and get sick of tourists, you don’t need to worry about bumping into anybody in Costa Rica. Just 1.4% of Brits have been here, according to a study. It’s highly unlikely you’ll bump into anybody, so come here if you want an authentic experience.


Gorgeous Scenery To Enjoy

Costa Rica has some of the best beaches in the world. Drake Bay is just one you could be soaking up the sun on in no time. Not only that, it has the Rio Celeste, which is the bluest, most magical river you might ever see. As well as these things, you’re probably going to see some gorgeous hummingbirds and sloths. There are 52 types of Hummingbird, and sloths are known to like to photobomb people. You could even take a sloth selfie!

When you travel to Costa Rica, you’ll have one of the most diverse, incredible experiences of your life. You could relax, meet some friendly people, help out and become part of the community, and so much more. You won’t believe your eyes when it comes to the scenery and wildlife. Add it to your bucket list now and you won’t regret it! Have you been to Costa Rica? Leave a comment!