6 Tips for Traveling with Dogs

Of course you bought your little puppy once upon a time because you wanted a companion dog, a best friend to take along wherever you go. This is usually why we find those little charmers, right? But what happens if you look for puppies for sale in Ohio, for example, and then decide to take a road trip on your annual vacation? If you have never travelled with a dog, here are some tips that you should keep in mind.


1) Keep Extra Water in the Car

Most often we travel in the warmer days of summer. Don’t forget to plan for all those unexpected eventualities that could happen along the way. Just as you would keep a couple bottles of drinking water in your own emergency kit in case of a breakdown along the way, you should also keep extra water on hand for your buddy who will get just as thirsty as you if you are delayed out on the open road.

2) Park at the Perimeter of All Lots

Not all dogs get nervous when traveling but it is safe to assume that spending an inordinate amount of time in the car away from home will cause your dog to get overly-excited. When stopping at malls, restaurants and tourist spots, always try to park as far away from foot traffic as possible. Also, try to find shade so your dog won’t get over-heated and by all means, try to keep your vehicle in a location you can quickly spot when glancing out to make sure everything is okay.


3) Plan Frequent Stops

Don’t forget that your dog, while quite intelligent, doesn’t have the capability of speech. He can’t tell you when nature calls and even if you are in a routine of walking your dog at certain times while at home, this schedule will naturally be disrupted when on the road. In order to avoid those little ‘accidents’ in your car, plan for frequent stops along the way. This will give both you and your dog a bit of ‘leg-stretching’ time but will also help to answer the call of nature.

4) Feed the Main Meal at Night

If you feed your dog its main meal in the morning, you may find that he has to do his duty at a time when you are unable to find somewhere to pull over. It is suggested that you feed the main meal at night so that by morning, before you set out in your car for the day, your dog can do his business and will be so much easier to handle along the way. You know how long it takes your dog to digest its food so make sure to plan potty times accordingly.


5) Stop for Meals at Outdoor Cafés

When at all possible, stop for meals at outdoor cafés along the way. Usually if your dog is on a leash you can bring him up to the table with you. If not, at least you will have a direct line-of-sight to your car as you enjoy your meal. Nothing is more stressful to a dog owner than not being able to keep an eye on that furry friend while on the road. This way you can enjoy your meal in peace, knowing your dog is safe and sound in his ‘mobile home away from home.’

6) Keep a List of Veterinary Clinics at Hand

Another suggestion offered by sites such as Little Puppies Online is to keep a list of veterinary clinics close at hand when traveling. You never know what could be the cause of a little stomach upset or a travel accident along the way. If you make a list of vets on your route in case of emergency, you will be able to quickly make a phone call to get your dog seen on an ‘urgent care’ basis.

There is nothing quite like the faithful love and companionship of a dog so you will surely want to take your little buddy right along with you when traveling. Keep these 6 tips in mind and your trip will be just as enjoyable for the little pooch as it is for you.