7 Signs That You are a Born Traveler: What it means to be a born traveler?

We know exactly what it means to be a born traveler and if you get restless every now and then, bored of routines and bored of everything that you do as a part of it, you might as well be a born traveler. After great research and an exciting reading and conversations with all the more exciting people like you we have concluded 7 signs which indicate that you were born to be a free bird, a traveler!

Here are signs that you cannot miss out on, the ten top most signs at what it takes to be a Born Traveler:


Number One:

Giving everything a shot!

You are willing to test anything; you want to give everything in the world a try at least for once. Whether it is the food, a new thing, maybe a new ride or just a new hair cut! You will give anything exciting a try, and whether you love it or not, you will keep and cherish the memory. Adventure runs in your blood.

Number Two:

That Dream Job!

Your dream job has for long been just the position which will let you explore and experience the world, and all that it has in store for you. To be a writer for some travel magazine, or just as a photographer for National Geographic. You can die to go around the world and meet new people, you are extremely social when the need be and very anti social when you feel like it, you never really could figure if you were social or not, but you are adored everywhere that you may go.

Number Three:

Exploring new cultures:

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Number Four:

Love Flying?

While others tend to hate airports you actually love everything about flying, from the take off to the landing. You seriously just love sitting at the airport and looking forward to your trips, you can find the sunny side in your business trip too. Everything from looking at the unique variations of people that may be flying, you always wonder why and where they are going.

Number Five:

Making friends.

You are a few of those people who may seem naturally drawn to adventures and people are almost equally and naturally drawn to you. A stranger sits close to you on a table or public transportation and also 20 minutes later, you already know where they are headed and you both are talking all about the exciting places that you can visit when you get off this bus.

Number Six:

Crazy, well that’s your middle name!

You hear about some crazy adventure sport or some strange ritual, which has you all excited, that people are doing in a country you have never been to and your first and last reaction is OMG THAT IS AWESOME I HAVE TO DO THAT! Congrads, if you have made so far in the list we are certain you already know you are a born traveler with great tendencies to jump off a cliff and swim to an adventure, but as you will scroll down you will discover much more about you.


Number Seven:

Travel memoirs, never enough of them!

You just cannot get enough of travel memoirs so all your favorite books are travel related, where a protagonist leaves on a grand adventure, of some sort or another and a few more new experiences all through their adventure. The stories, which take the characters through a series of life changing reflections, are your absolute favorites.