All-inclusive Holiday’s are Cooler Than you Think

All-inclusive holidays are suffering from a bad reputation. For some reason they’re associated with being the type of holiday only available to the rich and/or famous, or for people who like to spend the entirety of their holiday stuck in a resort.

You may be surprised to learn that neither of these things are true, and all-inclusive holidays have come a long way- particularly for those traveling as a family or group of friends.


For those who give all-inclusive holidays a try, they usually return raving about the delicious (and plentiful) food, always having a drink in their hand, and the many activities that were included for free.

Even if you’re the type who likes to get “off the beaten path” and really explore a destination, choosing an all-inclusive holiday can allow you to do this in comfort, saving you time since you can eat meals at the resort and focus on getting out and seeing different parts of the country you’re visiting during the day.

And sometimes if you’ve worked hard for months at a time, and you’re ready to truly relax, the idea that choosing between lying by the beach and pool being the hardest decision you make all day can sound amazing,


The reason for the rise in all-inclusive holidays is a combination of convenience and price, and it’s easy to see why. The new all-inclusive calculator by Falcon Holidays is a great way for travellers to see the price difference between paying for accommodation, food, drinks and daily entertainment separately and paying for it all at once.

The calculator looks at how you like to travel, your budget, how many people you’re traveling with, and even things like how many drinks you think you’ll have each day, and the number of ice creams you think your family would eat every day as well.

Once you’ve chosen a potential destination, the calculator works out whether all-inclusive is a better option for you, or if it’s better to pay for each aspect of your vacation separately. I think it’s fun to compare different holiday types and destinations and see just how much the savings can be.


Many people under-budget for their food, alcoholic drinks, and things like ice creams and sodas. These can quickly add up, leading to a sinking feeling mid-way into your holiday when you realise just how much you’re spending.

No one wants to be debating every purchase when they’re on holiday, especially when they’re trying to relax. By paying all at once, you’ll be able to truly relax and eat and drink as much as you like. Many all-inclusive resorts also include complimentary access to snorkelling equipment, kayaks and more, along with nightly entertainment. You can also often pre-pay for your gratuities so you can spend your days enjoying your holiday instead of constantly dipping into your pocket and returning to a huge credit card bill.