Best Movie Theatres in the World

Theatres have continued to be a source of entertainment for many people. Enjoying a movie at a movie theatre doesn’t require a lot. In fact, it only takes a bucket of popcorn with your lap over another and you are good to go.

However, the kind of theatre that you choose to go to can make a huge difference to your whole movie experience. There a lot of theatres out there that have been explored by movie-goers and not all of them are created equal.

With some of the best movie theatres in the world that are listed below, be prepared for an exciting run of excitement. If you know that you are a movie junky, you are surely in for a treat when it comes to these theatre movies. So, next time when you get huge australian online gambling sites winnings, you can save the money for a trip to any of these movie theatres.

Hot Tub Cinema, Worldwide

When it comes to the Hot Tub Cinema, it is one of the coolest and exciting theatres on the scene at the moment. It is a London-based cinema unlike online casinos real money, which has received a lot of fame from the London movie fanatics. In the summer, the location becomes exciting because you have to go to the rooftops. Season events are also held in UK, USA, and Ibiza.

Alamo Drafthouse, Texas United States of America

When it comes to the Alamo Drafthouse in Texas, United States of America, it is all about the movie house with street cred. Trust us; it really is beautiful to look at.

It has a spectacular theatre which is exceptionally constructed. Alamo Drafthouse has a Texas feel to it that can be loved by many. If you have a trip down the Americas, then you already know what we are talking about.