Car Safety Tips Before Your Next Road Trip

Is there anything better than driving on a warm summers day, with the windows down and the fresh air blowing into your car? I don’t think so. While the warmer weather is heading away, road trips are still one of my favourite ways to travel. You are able to travel on your schedule, with as much luggage as you desire, and you can create some extremely special memories with your friends or family. If you’re planning to take a road trip soon, please take a moment to check out some key safety areas in your car before your next road trip. Taking a minute to make sure everything’s fine, could prevent serious issues with your car developing in the middle of no where. Here are my top car safety tips before your next road trip:

1. Check Your Tyres

This is the part of the car that contacts the ground, therefore tyres are one of the most likely places to show wear and tear. Likewise, they’re crucial because if something is wrong with the tyres, it can impact how you drive and reduce your car’s efficiency on the road. It’s so simple to #TestYourTreads and can make a huge difference to your car’s safety on your next road trip. For more information, check out:

It’s also smart to check your tyre pressure before setting off on a long journey. This can usually be done at most service stations. Improper tyre pressure can result in more punctures which can really dampen a holiday when you’re in the middle of no where!

2. Check the Safety Lock

If you’re traveling with small children, it’s best to use the car safety lock that prevents little ones from opening the car doors from the inside. This gives you peace of mind that they can’t accidentally open the door and throw something out – or worse. This is a simple thing to check and can provide extra peace of mind when traveling with small children.

3. Get a Service

If you’re like me, you’re terrible at remembering when a car is due for a service. I personally find it’s a great idea to check when the last service was before you take your car on a long road trip. Ensuring that the oil and other basic parts of your car are running well while help your car run it’s best, helping you get safety from point a to be. Often your mechanic will let you know about any potential hazards they spot along the way while giving your car a thorough service.

4. Invest in All-Weather Car Mats

When you’re on a road trip, it’s a given that you’ll stop at many destinations, go out to explore, and then return to your vehicle. Every time you return to your car, especially from the wilderness, your shoes and clothes will be carrying with them lots of tiny organisms from outside. Some of them will be harmless while others (e.g., tick and flea) may cause illnesses.

Aside from cleaning your shoes and clothes before getting back into your car, consider investing in durable, custom-fit car mats that will keep anything from settling on the car floor. Get car mats that are easy to clean so that the interior of your car stays dirt-free and free from harmful organisms.

Using these tips will ensure you have a fun and safe road trip holiday.