Christmas in Dubai: Best Festive Things to Do and See

Dubai is a city in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) famous for its ultramodern architecture, lively nightlife, and luxury shopping. The fantastic city is renowned worldwide for its avant-guard architecture and skyline filled with skyscrapers. Soon, Dubai will be the home of the tallest skyscraper in the world, thanks to the Dubai Creek Tower, which is under construction currently. 

Dubai is a great place to visit for the festive season. Below are some of the best things to see and do for Christmas in Dubai:

Winter Garden at Habtoor City

The annual Winter Garden at Habtoor Palace is great to kick off your Christmas celebrations. You can enjoy family activities, fun attractions, pop-up shops, and entertainment here. There are also several dining options at Habtoor City, including Sauce Diner, Aloha Dubai, and Shawarma Vibes that will leave you fueled and satisfied.

Madinat Jumeirah’s Festive Market

The Festive Market of Madinat Jumeirah offers tourists delicious festive beverages and food. Moreover, in the festive market, there are a lot of fun activities for children to enjoy.

Winter City’s Christmas tree

Enjoy the view of a 52 feet Christmas tree in Winter City. Part of the Christmas tree lineup is a toy factory, chalet-style huts, and a fairground.

This is Christmas at Ski Dubai

You can enjoy white Christmas with snow in a classic dessert like Dubai. Ski Dubai allows tourists to enjoy a little winter wonderland. Apart from that, you can get to see Santa in his grotto and also enjoy a complimentary hot chocolate.

a Musical

A great way to enjoy this festive season can be by enjoying a holiday-based musical movie. Go to the theatre and watch a musical such as Elf. Elf the musical is a beloved holiday film that follows an elf called Buddy as he discovers his true identity and births father. The must-see musical is 80 minutes long, is a perfect family experience, and is suitable for all age groups.

Christmas Shopping

If you enjoy shopping, then ensure you experience shopping in Dubai. Dubai has huge shopping centers, such as the Mall of the Emirates, that offer plenty of choices all in one place. No more long queues, limited stock, and rushing around on the eve of Christmas. Enjoying shopping in Dubai style with the shopping hours extended to very late.

Enjoy Great Dining

Dining in Dubai on Christmas day takes the experience to another level, with the top restaurants competing to host the most memorable Christmas festive feast. The hotels and restaurants in Dubai offer more than just sprouts and turkey on Christmas day. Visit Ossiano in Atlantis the Palm to enjoy a unique experience of dining with seafood underwater.

Would you like to spend your Christmas this time in Dubai? When you visit Dubai you will get to explore a variety of options, from Christmas shopping to enjoying delicacies, having a winter Christmas or watching a holiday film, depending on what you enjoy most.