Discover the scenic way to explore Europe

Europe is home to some of the world’s finest towns, cities and landmarks that offer us the perfect excuse to jet off for a relaxing city break. For the majority of us exploring a European destination involves us jumping on a plane and touching down within a matter of hours. Flying is the preferred method of transport because it’s relatively quick and cheap, but it can restrict us in some ways.

In order to explore our chosen destination we rely on local transport or walking if it’s within distance. Some people like to hire a car but it’s unusual to do that if you’re only enjoying a city break and no longer. Planning a road trip may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it allows you to appreciate a different side of the continent. Europe is home to many road trips that offer never ending roads, beautiful scenery and memories that will last you a life time.

A road trip can be extremely rewarding. The chance to explore hidden parts of Europe and travel at your own leisure, are just some of the appealing factors. It’s no secret that you’ll need to be well prepared for the long journey ahead, especially when it comes to your vehicle. Not all of the roads you’ll be driving on will be in good condition and it’s vital your tyres are able to tackle all types of terrain. If your tyres need replacing, then it’s best to have them changed by a company like Kwik Fit. They can recommend you the best tyres for your car and correctly fit them as well.

As there are so many road trips to choose from, below are just a few that may help making your decision a little bit easier.

Les Corniches, France

France has a number of amazing towns and cities that many of us love to visit but this road trip explores the south coast of the country, in particular the beautiful French Riviera.

Starting in the popular city of Nice and travelling all the way up to Menton, this trip includes three different roads that offer a number of alternative routes around the south of the country. Each road sits in picturesque mountains that stretch along the coastline. Whether it’s the quieter surroundings of the French countryside or the glitz and glam of Monaco, this journey offers a different take on the beautiful country that is France.

Stelvio Pass, Italy

If you’re after more of a thrill than relaxing scenery, the Stelvio Pass might just be for you. Located in the eastern area of the Alps, this road is packed with sharp bends and plenty of opportunities to take in the endless views of the phenomenal Alps.

If you’re looking for a change of scenery or a relaxing drive then Stelvio Pass probably isn’t for you. Previously voted “The Best Driving Road” by the Top Gear team, this definitely is for the thrill-seekers and experienced drivers.

Estoril Coast Drive, Portugal

The beautiful coastline of Portugal is often overlooked but this breathtaking route offers culture, architecture and incredible sea views.

Stretching for over 70km the Estoril Coast Drive takes you from Lisbon and passes some of the country’s most beautiful destinations. En route you’ll find the peaceful fishing port of Cascais bay and sandy beaches before you head inland and enjoy some of Portugal’s woodland. The final part of the trip provides you with quaint architecture and endless photo opportunities.

Going on a road trip is just an alternative way of exploring a new destination. Open roads, natural scenery and sea views are just some of the reasons why this type of holiday will leave you with unforgettable memories.