Discovering Dubai On A Budget

The city of Dubai stands as a symbol of glory in the United Arab Emirates. The landscape, adorned with world class infrastructure, does justice to its status of a fast growing city. One of the seven emirates that make up the country, it has now become the ultimate getaway destination for luxury and adventure. Though known for its high standards of living, it is possible to enjoy the place without spending a fortune. Contrary to popular belief, the city welcomes both kinds of travellers, the extravagant as well as those on a budget. In recent years, this dazzling city has become a favourite among solo travellers for its warmth and wonders.

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From visiting some of the tallest buildings in the world to checking out spectacular man-made islands, Dubai offers its visitors so much to see and do. While it is home to the world’s best 7 star hotels, budget travellers can find quite decent accommodation in the city. Also, the brilliant infrastructure allows one to conveniently travel inside using local means of transport. Public transport such as buses abound and are available at negligible prices. The culturally rich ‘souqs’ of the city outshine its glamorous malls any day. One needs to explore their lanes in order to understand the city, as within them lies the spirit and old world charm of the place.

From taking a bike ride along the Al Qudra Road to sunbathing at Jumeirah Beach, from visiting art galleries to watching movies at al fresco, when it comes to engaging in free and fun activities in Dubai, the list is endless. At merely 3 dirhams, a visit to The Dubai Museum and Al Fahidi Fort is almost free of cost. These places are a testimony to the city’s interesting past and glorious present. The Dubai Fountain is yet another example of an architectural marvel. After sunset, the amazing display of lights at the fountain add to the grandeur of the structure. For the history buffs, Hatta Village in Dubai is the place to be. Nestled in serene mountains and housing rare archaeological sites, it is as unusual as it gets.

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Travel insurance in Dubai offers great packages that are perfect for those who wish to bring out the daredevil in them. As for those travelling on their own, indulging in adventure sports is a must do in Dubai. The activities do cost a few bucks, but the experience is totally worth it. They allow one to discover more, not just in the city but also in oneself.