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Drive with comfort and safety in mind with these simple driving tips

Many of us consider ourselves competent drivers. However, how many of us would actually admit to falling into bad habits, getting frustrated behind the wheel and maybe even taking risks that we shouldn’t?

These kinds of mistakes usually happen when we’re taking long car journeys. Maybe you’re taking a road trip with your friends or you’re traveling across the country to visit relatives – whatever reason you’re driving long distance, it’s always best to keep your comfort and safety in mind. After all, the last thing you want is to be caught up in a car accident – get in touch with a personal injury lawyer in Texarkana if you’ve been injured and it wasn’t your fault.

Accidents on the roads are always on the rise, so it’s important to arm yourself with the right knowledge and advice to keep you and your passengers safe and comfortable on the road. Read on for some simple driving tips.

Bring your sunglasses

It doesn’t have to be a bright sunny day for you to benefit from a pair of sunnies. Even cloudy days can create glare and make driving a wholly uncomfortable experience. Having a pair of sunglasses with you in your vehicle means that you can always prepared for whatever the weather throws at you. It’ll save you squinting and giving yourself a headache.

Always do safety checks before you set off

Do you have enough fuel? Are your lights working? Do you need to adjust your seat or your mirrors? Make sure you’re totally comfortable before you set off that way you won’t be distracted or making adjustments behind the wheel whilst you’re driving.

Don’t be distracted by your smartphone

Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of car accidents. And using your phone behind the wheel – whether that’s to answer a call, text, message or check your social media accounts – could prove fatal. All those little notifications are incredibly distracting, and if you’re streaming your playlist from your phone, it’s even more tempting to skip a few tunes until you find that perfect song. To avoid putting others at risk, always ensure your phone is out of reach and you have your notifications switched off.

Belt up!

It’s hard to believe that many people still drive without belting up first. Wearing a seatbelt won’t stop you from having a crash, but it could potentially save your life if you do have a collision. Don’t set off unless everyone in the vehicle is wearing their seatbelt.

Make plenty of stops

If you’re driving long distance, you must make regular stops. Driving whilst tired and uncomfortable makes it difficult to concentrate and adapt to the ever-changing road conditions. When you plan your route, work in some stops where you can stretch your legs, get something to eat and freshen up.

And finally, snacks!

No road trip is complete without good snacks. And while it’s tempting to indulge in fast food and snacks high in sugar and salt, you should keep comfort and your energy levels in mind. Bring along fresh fruit, crackers, protein bars, crisps and other slow-release foods to keep your energy and concentration levels high.