Driving Abroad: An Essential Guide

So you’ve planned out the road trip of your dreams. Your driving adventure abroad is about to begin. You want to see exactly what these countries have to offer and gain some insight into a different culture and way of life. First things first are you actually fully prepared for the task of driving abroad. If you have not carried out the necessary preparations it can be a very stressful experience. Here is an essential guide to help your enjoy every part of your driving holiday.



Before setting off you need to decide what vehicle you wish to use. It may be your trusty family car or you may want to hire a car or campervan when you get there. If you are using your own car you need to ensure your insurance covers international travel. You may have to pay extra for this if it is not already included.

Check the insurance policies on sites like ComparaenCasa. Sites like these will compare the best insurance deals for your trip and can be tailored to your specific needs. Hiring agencies should have insurance included in their service. Always double check the small print.  You never know what might happen on the roads. Car insurance is an easy thing to forget about, but accidents can be costly and could bring your trip to an abrupt end.

2. Driving Etiquette

It is vital that you have some idea of what you will be facing when driving abroad. Will there be lots of country roads? What side of the road do you need to be on? Every country will have their own driving style and you need to be able to adapt. It may take some time to get used to it, so take it steady and stick to the speed limits. Do some research or contact their tourist board to get some more information.


3. Make a plan

It’s very exciting going into the unknown and just seeing where you end up. But having a basic plan of where you are going could be vital. You don’t want to end up lost or broken down in a place that’s miles from anywhere. A planned itinerary or travel journal will be essential. Particularly if you are sticking to a time schedule and travelling across many countries. Sat Navs are brilliant tools, but their rules of use vary from country to country. Maps showing your chosen course will be invaluable. Remember to include alternative routes too.

4. Take plenty of breaks

This is very important one. Ensure yourself plenty of time on your trip to stop for breaks every few hours. If you are not fully alert this could lead to accidents and even fatalities. You need to be able to grab a drink and some food before setting off again. Safely pull your car over and spend half an hour walking around the local towns and countryside. This will give you a break and also help you see more of the country you are visiting.

Planning your road trip abroad doesn’t have to be difficult. The most important thing you need to remember is to fully check the vehicle you are driving before you set off. Now go out there and have plenty of fun.