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Dubai in July: Where to Go and What to Do

A world-famous hub for tourism and trade alike, Dubai would certainly qualify as the busiest of the UAE’s Emirates. According to this website, Dubai welcomed about 14.2 million tourists in 2015, a figure that is expected to grow this year.

To keep up with the inflow of tourists and to accommodate the anticipated growth in the figures, the Emirate has everything from luxury shopping to fine dining, unlimited adventure to unparalleled leisure to offer visitors all year round.

A great time to visit Dubai would be the month of July. To compensate for the heat, there’s the sheer number of events and festivals organised around the city during this month that must not be missed.

If you’re visiting Dubai this July, here are the important events that should not be missed:

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The Ramadan Night Market: 

At the Ramadan Night Market, which is set to begin on 23rd June and end on 2nd July, you can experience one-of-a-kind night-life that comes with a dose of culture.

Home to all- from clothing and jewellery, cosmetics and perfumes, to electronics and handicrafts, this sprawling market opens every day during Ramadan after Iftar, or breaking of fast.

Here, you can revel in the unique ambience of the Majlis and delight your taste buds with a wide variety of Arab delicacies. The festival also includes daily events that you can participate in and win exciting prizes.

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Dubai Summer Surprises:

Better known as the DSS, Dubai Summer Surprises is a festival that mixes adventure with culture, making for a truly unique festival experience.

What’s more, countless travellers have sworn by the delectable food offered at the festival. The festival runs between June and August and each week supports a different theme such as art, nature and adventure.

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Eid Al Fitr

The festival of Eid in Dubai should not be missed, as it offers every visitor a comprehensive insight into the rich cultural heritage that the UAE prides itself on. A visit to Dubai at this time affords tourists an opportunity to join in the festive atmosphere.

The festival of Eid in Dubai is always accompanied by interesting events, concerts and exhibitions organised across the city, making the occasion doubly special.

Several other events and festivals are held across the Emirate during July. To beat the heat and get around the city easily, visitors can opt for car rental in Dubai and travel in comfort and luxury.