Excursions to do in Zanzibar

Zanzibar, the semi-autonomous Tanzanian archipelago located off the coast of east Africa is a rising hot spot for tourists from all over the world. Earning mainly through the export of spices and raffia, the tourism industry of Zanzibar contributes largely to its economy. Whether you are planning a holiday with family or want to have the summer of your life with your friends, Zanzibar is the place to be!

Here’s what you can do in Zanzibar:



Surrounded by hidden coral reefs in the clear and sparkling water of the Indian Ocean, Zanzibar is a great place to go snorkeling and witness underwater the marine wildlife in its own habitat. Following three are the best spots for snorkeling in Zanzibar:

▪     Mnemba Island

▪     Menai Bay Conservative Area

▪     Chumbe Island

Swimming with dolphins

The marine life of Zanzibar is rich with aquatic species, especially dolphins. If you haven’t swum with dolphins before, then you don’t know what you are missing out on! And if you are going to Zanzibar, then do go swimming with dolphins, whether you are a dolphin fanatic or not. The experience itself is one-of-a-kind. The Kizimkazi village is the favorite hangout spot for dolphins that are seen there resting, socializing and nursing their calves. The plentiful food supply there is what makes them come there time and time again!

Jozani Forest Tour

Located in the center of the Jozani-Chwaka Bay National Park, the Jozani Forest gives you the best opportunity to come across varieties of flora and fauna that are native to Zanzibar. A highlight among the fauna is the Red Colobus Monkey, a species that were attempted to be wiped out by the former British rulers.

Prison Island Tour

In 1894, a prison on the Changuu Island was built by Lloyd Matthews, the British First Governor. Before that, the island was used by the sultans as penitentiary for rebellious slaves till the end of the slave trade. But the prison was used as a center of quarantine for yellow fever victims, so don’t think that you will be touring a prison! The island has now become home to a restaurant and a resort.


Luxury Short Safari in Selous & Serengeti

Depending on your expectations from the Safari, you can choose a safari package that suits you with time and the kind of fun you have in mind. Whether you are looking for a thrilling adventure or some relaxed time with your spouse or family, you will find the safari just perfect for you. Here are some of the Zanzibar excursions available with luxuryshortsafari.com:

▪     1 Day Selous Fly in Safari

▪     Charming and Wild Selous

▪     Luxury Adventures in Selous

▪     Great Serengeti

▪     Bush and Chic Serengeti

Visiting Stone Town

Declared by UNESCO a World Heritage Site, it is the old part of the Zanzibar City. Located on the western coast of Unguja, one of the two main islands of the archipelago, the Stone Town was the main center of slave and spice trade in the 19th century. The architecture of Stone Town has been influenced by Indian, Arab, European and Persian elements. Do not miss this place if you are ever in Zanzibar; it is a great tourist attraction because of its heritage.

So the next time you are in Zanzibar, don’t miss out on any adventure! Just avail the above mentioned tours and excursions to make the most of your trip.