Finding hidden gems while traveling abroad

If you’ve ever been to Europe in the high season, you could be forgiven for assuming that the days of getting a photo that’s not photobombed by hundreds of strangers are over.

However, there’s a reason why some of these destinations are packed full of tourists, while other amazing spots are still waiting to be discovered. Travel blogs, Instagram posts, and good old FOMO have made it more important than ever for some people to get that photo of themselves posing for their friends and followers.

Thankfully, there are still more than enough incredible places waiting for you. And more and more people are getting fed up with the crowds and looking for spots where they can get away from it all.

eDreams has recently released an excellent infographic. The team at eDreams have also done their research, and it turns out that searches for less-traveled islands are up by 179%, while 38% of adults aged 40 and over prefer to go off the beaten track.

One of the best ways to find hidden gems? Get close to nature. Grab your hiking shoes, and look for ways to discover incredible sights yourself. Studies have shown that this is also one of the best ways to unwind, and spending just five minutes in nature has the power to improve your mood.

Looking for hidden gems in nature? eDreams has you covered. Head to Bled, Slovenia, where you can ice climb frozen waterfalls- you can find them in Mlacca Gorge. Or head to Triglav National Park for some climbing. Love the water? Head to Lake Bled and don’t forget to take a camera to capture the incredible blue of that water.

Everyone goes to Barcelona. In fact, locals are increasingly showing their displeasure at the crowds of tourists and the impact those tourists are having on their lives. Instead, check out Segovia, where you can see endangered wild goats in La Pedriza National Park or check out the landscape of For Whom the Bell Tolls. For some of the best views, head to Vera Cruz Church. Explore this area and you’ll enjoy great food and friendly locals, without any of the crowds you’ll see in other parts of Spain.

What are your hidden gems? Do you prefer to spend time in nature? Or are you someone who likes to find unexplored cities? Let us know below!