Follow Your Nose: Exploring The Best Food In Europe

There’s nothing better than a full stomach after finishing a new meal that you had never tried before, but fell in love with from the first bite. I always make an effort when I travel to at least try the most famous dish in each country. Sometimes I love it, sometimes I hate it, but every time I get to experience the country’s culture in an unique way, including the local dining experiences. I’ve eaten Indian curry in India with my hands, enjoyed Moroccan mint tea being poured into my teacup from a great height and eaten Pad Thai that was so spicy my mouth burned.

Europe is a mecca for great food. Because there’s such a rich history here, there’s been a lot of time to perfect signature dishes. Europe may be the best destination in the world for foodies because of both the quality of food and the sheer volume of different types of food in relatively small areas. You can easily tour a few countries on one trip, comfortably, and as such you can indulge in a few different cuisines. Planning where and when to visit is important if you’re foodie. The best time of year to visit a country is when they have their food festival on, because it can be a really fun, social and cheap way to try new foods.

Below I’m going to feature an infographic which helps you plan your food-based travels around Europe. Simply choose the country or countries you’re interested in visiting from the drop down menu and read about their traditional meal, the price, the local currency and when the best food festival is. This little infographic makes planning a food-driven trip to Europe super easy and super fun!