From Berlin-Schönefeld Airport to the city centre. Transport guide

One of the two airports of Berlin called Schönefeld is located in the same-called municipality and welcomes over seven million of tourists from all over the world annually. Soon the airport will be closed; a new and modern aerial port called Berlin Brandenburg Airport is being built nearby. Still, for now your acquaintance with Berlin will start from Schönefeld, and if you are thinking on how to get from Schönefeld airport to the centre of Berlin, you should read our transport guide on the route.

All transport in Schönefeld airport

Berlin and the airport have 22 kilometers between them. Yet it’s very easy to get from the airport to the city centre, since they are connected with the help of four types of transport: bus, suburban bus, city speeding train (tram) and taxi. Tourists can also book a transfer online to be met in the airport.

Trains from Schönefeld to Berlin only spend 30 minutes for the road, and the ticket price is EUR3.3. The bus will bring you to the centre in 50 minutes for the same price. City speeding train / tram S-Bahn goes a bit faster — in 45 minutes and for EUR3.3. you’ll reach Berlin. Taxi and transfer will bring you to the capital of Germany much sooner: in 25-30 minutes. Yet the price will be different. The price for a taxi trip will depend on the kilometers covered, time of day (if it’s night time or not) and day of the week (if it’s weekend), and can also include tolls and airport parking). The transfer price is always fixed — minimum EUR62 for an economy car.


Tips for choosing transport on route Schönefeld — Berlin

Aside from taxi and transfer, in the night you can get to Berlin by train S-Bahn S9. Please note that it’s not a direct route and you’ll have to change. They also have one night bus route. The trains are comfortable and fast. They will only bring you to the train station of Berlin, so please plan on getting from the airport to the final destination, your hotel or any tourist attraction.

If you opt for public transport, you must punch your ticket. Those who are traveling with lots of bags and little children better take a taxi on the spot or book a transfer online.

Train Schönefeld — Berlin

  • RE7 and RB14 to the Central train station
  • 35 minutes in the road
  • 1 hour waiting at the station
  • Price €3,3
  • Comfort level: middle


 Speeding train Schönefeld — Berlin

  • S9
  • 50 minutes in the road
  • 7-13 minutes waiting at the station
  • Price €3,3
  • Comfort level: low

Bus Schönefeld — Berlin

  • №171
  • 55 minutes in the road
  • 1 hour waiting at the bus stop
  • Price €3,3
  • Comfort level: middle

Taxi Schönefeld — Berlin

  • Transfer / taxi on the spot
  • 30-40 minutes in the road
  • No need to wait (meeting at arrival) / taxi 10-15 minutes waiting
  • Price over €55 (+ fees and markups); transfer price is fixed – €62
  • Comfort level: high

Don’t forget to see in Berlin:

  • Brandenburg Gate
  • Reichstag building
  • Bode Museum
  • Deutsche Oper Berlin
  • Old National Gallery
  • Berlin Zoo
  • Berlin Concert Hall – Berliner Philharmonie
  • Pergamon Museum
  • Victory Column
  • Tiergarten