Fun Holiday Suggestions for 2019

I’m usually planning my next holiday before I’ve even got back home from a trip. I love travelling and think it’s such a fun way to learn more about the world while creating special memories. Whether you’re hoping to plan a trip away with a group of friends, interested in traveling solo or looking for a romantic escape, here are some fun holiday suggestions for you for 2019:

1. Last Minute Single Travellers Holiday
If you can’t find a friend who’s got time off when you want to head away – don’t let it stop you! Heading away on a last minute single travellers holiday is the perfect way to mix exploring a new place with making some great friends. If you look for a last minute singles holiday, you might be surprised to find that you can get some really great deals. Whether you fancy heading somewhere exotic like Africa or somewhere a little closer like France or Malta, there are plenty of options. This is a good combination of exploring solo, without worrying about being alone or struggling to get by in a foreign place. Visit ice casino bonus bez depozytu for more information.

2. Head on a Cruise
You might be surprised to learn that cruise ships actually can offer exceptional value. When you consider it’s the majority of your transport, all of your accommodation costs as well as meals, the daily rate becomes quite economical. One thing I love about traveling by cruise is you don’t need to pack your gear every day or two – you can enjoy being in your room for the duration of the trip, so you can focus your time and energy on the day trips, the fun entertainment aboard the cruise ships and the beautiful swimming pools. It’s also a great way to see quite a few islands on the same trip, without being weighed down with flight prices. If you’re trying to plan a trip with a group of friends, booking a cruise can be a simple way to ensure a fun holiday without too much stress!

3. Consider a Sporty Trip
I love going away on adventure holidays because I think the thrill and excitement of doing something a bit different is a fun way to bond and create special memories with your loved ones.  If you’re a bit of a ski bunny, why not organize a trip away to the snow? You can rent a chalet, spend your days carving lines up on the slope while your evenings can be spent huddling around a fireplace drinking hot chocolates with marshmallows. If you’re more of a sun lover, why not look into a surfing trip somewhere exotic like Costa Rica or Indonesia? There are so many fun places you can explore but having a bit of adventure as the focus to your trip can make your vacation even more exciting.

No matter what kind of holiday you choose, be sure to take a great camera or phone because you’re going to want to capture a ton of photos! What kind of holiday are you planning on for this year? Let me know in the comments below.