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Going away? Watch out for these holiday hazards

Whether you’re already planning your Christmas travels, or you’re looking forward to a mid-year holiday, there are a few holiday hazards you should be aware of. It’s easy to forget that taking a holiday can often come with a list of things to watch out for, so we’ve got you covered. If you do happen to get injured while you’re on holiday, get in touch with Jefferies Solicitors.

Here are some holiday hazards to watch out for:


Most of us tend to bake when we have some time off, particularly during the Christmas holidays. But chocolate is a danger to more than just your weight loss plans, and if you have dogs you’ll need to be extra careful. Keep all chocolate ingredients stored up high, since Theobromine, which is a compound in chocolate, is extremely toxic to dogs and can cause a range of symptoms, including coma, seizures, diarrhoea, vomiting, or even death.



If you’re travelling with kids, you’ll often find that your medications aren’t packed away as securely as they could be. While pill bottles and boxes may usually be locked away at home, this gets tricker when you’re staying in a hotel. One of the biggest things to watch out for is when you’re visiting elderly parents, as they may not be used to locking away their medications.

Cozy fires

If you’re planning to go away for a ski vacation this year, or you’re already anticipating a white Christmas, keep in mind that fires pose a huge risk as far as holiday hazards go. Be careful not to toss gift wrap too close to the fire, and make sure that the chimney has been swept before you light it for the first time.


If you tend to pack a little too much in your carryon baggage, be careful when you’re putting it in the overhead bin. This goes for your checked luggage as well, as you may find yourself lifting in an unsafe way when you’re trying to move it from the car to the airport and back again. If you’re someone who spends a lot of time sitting down at your desk job, you may want to consider adding some weight training at the gym through the week, which will strengthen your back and abdominal muscles, and make it less likely that you’ll hurt yourself while travelling.

Spider and snake bites

This is a good one to consider if you’re planning a trip to Australia or somewhere within the United States where you’ll be coming up against some creepy crawlies. Spider venom may be designed to kill smaller prey, but it can still do a lot of damage to a person, including allergic reactions, skin lesions, and more. Keep in mind that while there are around 43,000 different species of spider around the world, only around 30 of them are a threat to the lives of humans. Approximately 125,000 people will die from snake bites every year though, with another 400,000 permanently disfigured or disabled.