How to plan a romantic weekend away

Whether you’ve been with your partner for a while or if you are a new couple, there is nothing more special than a romantic weekend away together.  Quality time together is invaluable for every couple.  A weekend away does require research and effort to go smoothly, so we’ve compiled a few tips to help you get started.

Set a budget
Before you start researching and planning, making sure to set a budget so you know exactly what you can afford.  This way to can conduct more specific research and can narrow down exactly what you are looking for.  It doesn’t matter if your budget is small, even camping can be romantic, but starting with a budget in mind is essential.

Consider your mutual interests
A successful relationship is all about balance.  You need to plan a weekend away that incorporates things you both love, it shouldn’t be focused on one person but should be something you enjoy as a couple.  You might both be sporty and plan a ski weekend, or you both might want the trip to be relaxing and opt for a spa weekend.

Be nostalgic and incorporate aspects that celebrate you as a couple.  You could listen to the CD you both liked when you met or order the same wine you drank on your first date.  A romantic weekend should celebrate your relationship and the time you have spent together.

Choose the right location
The key to finding the right location is again to pick somewhere you’ll both enjoy.  Focus on what you prefer as a couple, this might be a city break or a country getaway and could be abroad or a staycation.  Staycations are becoming in increasingly popular in light of Brexit, with eight million Britons opting for holidaying in this country rather than travelling further afield.  A staycation can also mean reduced travelling time and if you are only away for one night, travelling more than two hours in one direction might be too much.  You don’t want to spend the whole trip in the car!

Do something different
Incorporating elements of surprise into your relationship keeps it fun and exciting.  Use your weekend away to try something different.  This doesn’t have to break the bank; you could try glamping, stay in a tree house or even in a renovated campervan.  This key is to make it memorable.  Try something you’ve always wanted to do, such as wine tasting, zip-lining or a couple’s massage.  Experiencing something new together will strengthen your relationship while you’re crossing things off your bucket list.

Be spontaneous
While it is important to check what restaurants and attractions are available and to book through your hotel through a reliable site, such as Travezi, leaving some things to chance is a great idea.  Allowing yourselves to get lost in a new village and stumbling across hidden gems adds a sense of adventure to your trip and helps you create new memories together.

Have a detox
Use the weekend away to clear your head and just enjoy each other’s company.  This means, not staying quite so attached to your phones, living in the moment and just enjoying being together.  Having a digital detox every so often is important, especially when you are on holiday and want to spend quality time with your partner.  Don’t miss out on precious moments by constantly checking your phone.  Do take photos to capture the trip, but don’t experience the trip via a screen, some moments are made just for the two of you to enjoy.

Finally, don’t expect too much
Don’t let the occasional bicker put you off; you’re only human after all.  Try not to set your expectations too high, but stay realistic to avoid disappointment.  Having disagreements is only natural, don’t worry about them but also don’t let them take over your holiday.  A holiday is for relaxing and making the most of your time together.