How to stay fashionable while traveling this year

Planning plenty of travel this year? Yay! While it’s common to see people wearing zip-off pants and sneakers, there’s no reason why you can’t stay fashionable while keeping comfortable while traveling this year.

Here are some ways you can stay fashionable while traveling:

Pack Smart

If you’re traveling carry on, you may be wondering how you can stay fashionable with so few clothes. The trick is to pack smart. That means rolling your clothes so you can fit more into your suitcase. Whenever possible, use packing cubes to separate clothes by type or outfits. And always consider layers- that way you’ll be ready for any weather.

Choose a base

If you’ll be living out of a bag, you’ll need to choose a base color. When you’re at home, you probably have numerous base colors like navy, gray, and black. But when you’re on the road, choose just one of these so you can build your wardrobe and color palette around. Black is a good color base, since it doesn’t show dirt or stains easily, and it’s slimming.

Add Colors

Now you want to commit to a color palette with shades that could all work together. These could be soft gray, light navy, dark purple and maroon. Or you could go for blues and whites, dark greys and khakis, or anything else you can imagine.

This is how you create a capsule wardrobe. With five tops and five skirts, you’ve got 25 outfit combinations. Add in a light jacket or sweater and you now have 50. Add a scarf and you’ve got 100.

Choose for comfort

When everything goes with everything else, you can get creative with your wardrobe and not feel like you’re wearing the same outfits again and again. You should also feel good- comfortable, beautiful, and stylish in everything you own. Since you won’t be carrying much, you’ll need to make sure you’re only packing things that are comfortable and make you feel great, such as ethical jewelry or the new avatar shoes.  Looking for basics that you can build your wardrobe around? Check out this comfortable, sweat-proof tee! You’ll be able to feel great even on 14-hour flights.


Accessories can add interest to a basic outfit. Plus, they don’t take up much space so you can take plenty of different options. I like to pack a few different scarves, some long necklaces, and some cute earrings. By switching these types of accessories in and out, you’ll be able to stay fashionable no matter where you are.

How do you stay fashionable while traveling? Leave a comment below and let me know.