Killing Time Whilst Travelling

Please don’t misunderstand the title. When you’re travelling, there’s literally an entire world out there. However, so much of it is actually getting from A-B, and it can get, well, kind of boring! If you’re forever on buses, trains or planes, there are so many different things you can do to set the boredom setting in, so whether you’re lucky enough to have Wi-Fi or not, here are a list of a few ideas of things to do on those super long, dull journeys.


Write A Book

Everyone knows you can read a book whilst on the road but what about writing one? If you’re on an adventure, chances are you’ve got a story to tell. Whether you’ve been inspired by your journey to get creative, or you want to tell everyone quite literally about it, there are heaps of different things you could write. If 50,000 words seems a little off putting, you could always start a blog! That way, you can tell little mini stories everywhere you go. It’s great for looking back on the memories.

Play Games

So, you know the obvious games like Candy Crush that you can play on your phone? There are actually a whole ton of others that you can also play on your portable device. Want to win actual prizes and keep from dying of boredom? There are heaps of arcade games with their own website. It’s like going to the arcade as a kid, except you don’t have to hang out with those lurkers who are basically everywhere. Neat.


Make Friends

Whether you’re from Australia or Spain, there’s bound to be someone on your journey who you could strike up a conversation with, and somehow, this works loads better when you’re a traveller than back home! Of course, in places like Asia where MOST people are out to find themselves, this is pretty simple as you’ll have stuff in common, but you can talk to the locals in other places, too. Who knows, you may even make a friend for life!

Look Out The Window 

Life is too short to always spend it glued to your phone or to have your nose stuck in a book. From time to time, don’t forget to just be in the moment and actually see the world you ventured out to see – for more than just the Instagram pics.