Living The High Life In The US

Always wanted a home with an impressive sky-high view? Properties with such views aren’t cheap but for those with cash to splash, here are some of the top states to find your dream property.


California is a famously hilly state and has all manner of hilltop properties to choose from. By far the most renowned can be found around LA such as those in the Hollywood Hills. San Francisco is also popular for its hilltop houses. Specialist luxury realtors can show you an example of just some of multi-million dollar properties available. Those on tighter budgets are best off steering clear of the cities and going rural – you pay more for vistas full of landmarks.


New York

The scenic skylines of New York are iconic and it’s no wonder that apartments with great views fetch for stratospheric prices. The likes of the Empire State Building and Chrysler Building add immediate value onto a property, however it’s the apartments overlooking Central Park that are surprisingly some of the more expensive. Some penthouses in this area are estimated to be over one hundred million dollars. Venture out to New York’s outskirts and you may find a property that’s a little more affordable. With property prices continuously soaring, buying property anywhere in New York is a profitable investment nowadays.

North Carolina

There’s a lot of land for sale in North Carolina that will give you picturesque views of the Appalachian Mountains. Properties here are very eco-friendly and very spacious. It’s quite a different living experience from New York, perhaps less suited to young professional investors and more suited to those wanting that dream retirement home. The state encourages a rustic way of life for those that don’t want the tech-heavy hustle and bustle of the city. Being so close to the Appalachian Trail, it’s perfect for keen hikers.


A similar hotspot for those wanting a mountain view is Colorado. The Rocky Mountains run straight through this state and being one of the more southern states in the range, the climate is a little less hostile. That said, Colorado still gets its fair share of cold weather and is a popular ski state. Other activities such as kayaking and cycling make it perfect for those that like their extreme sports. You can find mountaintop properties all over Colorado.


For diversity, Illinois has it all. It has mountainous terrain for buying a home in the hills as well as the skylines of Chicago for buying a sky-high apartment overlooking Lake Michigan. Illinois may offer the best for those on a budget, although it’s certainly still not a cheap place to live.