Making Great Memories With Your Road Trip to Scotland

The people who travel from around the world to see Scotland contribute largely to the health status of the industry. The best way to see the country at its best is by going on a road trip and planning an amazing itinerary around the local landmarks. Scotland offers wild islands, stoic castles, highlands, villages, historic monuments, white sand beaches, and friendly locals. The length of your trip can be as long or as short as you want, depending on preference and budget. In fact, you can spend a weekend in two regions or explore a large area in a week or more. So, whichever road you take, check out these routes to make your next road trip to Scotland a memorable one.

Drive Through the Famous North Coast 500

It has quickly made a name for itself as one of the most legendary driving routes in the world. They say North Coast 500 is the answer of Scotland to America’s Route 66. When driving, you will follow a sweeping loop across the northern tip of the country. Start at the Inverness and drive to the northeast in John O’Groats, proceed to Durness along the rough coastline that overlooks the North Sea, then head down to the west coast area before you return at the Applecross peninsula inland. With this long and unfamiliar route, you need a reliable vehicle that is capable, practical, and comfortable. When exploring the wilderness of the Scottish Highlands, you want a stress-free journey when you are behind the wheel.

Explore Further With The North East 250

Global tourists make up for 17% of the overall trips taken in Scotland and are responsible for the 38% tourism earnings. One reason people travel around Scotland is to drive through the North East 250. It is the best-kept secret of Scotland in terms of motoring, as it summarizes everything that makes the country captivating. The route is circular and winds through enchanting locations of Aberdeen, the Cairngorms, the Moray Coast, Speyside, the East Coast, and Royal Deeside. It has a condensed length that is ideal if you want to explore many attractions within easy reach to each other. The route also spans the Malt Whisky Trail, which provides you with opportunities to visit world-famous distilleries. Furthermore, you will get to enjoy dozens of Munros, which are breathtaking mountains over 3,000 ft.

Scotland has all the elements that sum up the ultimate road trip of your life. It is beautiful and welcoming with extraordinary scenery and attractions. By taking a drive through the country, you can experience Scotland at your own pace. Now, go get your vehicle, create a great playlist, and enjoy your trip with amazing company.