Reasons to Visit Devon and Cornwall

Most often when we start planning a holiday we decide to go as far away as possible. And why not? Foreign lands are intriguing and offer different sights and smells. One thing I’ve learned over the years is that more often than not the greatest gems are often on your doorstep. Devon and Cornwall (http://www.bluechipholidays.co.uk/ ) have a lot to offer and sadly are often overlooked for other places. Want to know the pull of these two iconic destinations? You might be surprised with what’s on offer:

If you love “sick waves” look no further:

Whether you’re a surfer yourself, are drawn to beaches for the sun and sunbathing or want to provide your children with the opportunity to learn this fun activity, Cornwall is the perfect option what over 300 beaches. Yes, you read that correctly – three hundred. In the region of Cornwall and Devon there are around 200,000 surfers – no small number. So if surfing is a must for your next holiday, perhaps you’ll have to schedule a trip here.

Sweet Treats:

Fancy yourself a little bit of a sweet tooth? Why not try some iconic sweeties here. From delicious Devon custard to cream teas (there’s a bit of a difference between a Devon cream tea and a Cornwall cream tea, so you’ll have to try them both…). There’s also the delicious and hearty Cornish Pasties which deserve a little mention of their own too.


Throughout the year both Devon and Cornwall are scattered with festivals, from The Little Orchard Cider and Music festival to the Beautiful Days gathering, there’s sure to be something that tickles your fancy. Look up to see what’s going on in the coming months and start thinking about when the best time for you is to visit these iconic destinations.

For more reasons to visit, please check out this great infographic by Blue Chip Holidays below:

Reasons to Vistit Devon & Cornwall (6)Reasons to Vistit Devon & Cornwall (6)