Relocating With Kids? Read These Top Tips

Any relocation is stressful but moving home when you have a young family can put a huge strain on everyone. Moving overseas or moving from the city into the country adds further complications. Younger children may be frightened and confused when their routine is disrupted and older children may not be in favor of the move. Somehow, you have got to keep all the family on side and pack up everything you own into a truck! Here are some top tips for staying sane throughout the process.

The earlier you move the better

In general, moving with younger children is a lot easier than moving with your teens. Whilst it is true that teens can help you fix the house up ready to be sold, they may have very strong feelings about the move and these may not be positive. Generally, teens do not like living in homes for sale because they have to keep them tidy and there are a lot of strangers poking around their bedrooms.

They have also established peer groups and are members of sports teams, music ensembles, and clubs. These are very important elements of a teen’s life and it is hard for them to leave them behind. It is much easier for a child under 10 to start again and meet a whole new group of friends. Teens are also in the middle of an important stage in their education and a big move can be very disruptive. Expect them to drop a few grades as they settle in.

Taking your family with you is the ideal solution

Often, the biggest barrier to a big move is the wrench of leaving close family members behind. This is especially poignant when grandchildren are being separated from grandparents. One solution is to take the grandparents with you. They will probably be retired and may be considering downsizing anyway. You may be able to pool resources and buy a larger property with a granny flat. This will enable them to continue to help with child care and you can keep an eye on them as they get older.

Don’t leave it too late to learn the language

If you are relocating overseas you may live in an area where a different language is spoken. Your kids will probably pick this up within weeks but it will take you longer. Prepare for this by learning some basics before you go. You can attend classes or workshops in the evenings and weekends. You can also fit learning around your busy schedule by listening to podcasts.

Seek out the heart of the community

Once you have settled into your new home, throw yourself into local activities. Get out there and be visible. Talk to people in the school playground, in the park and in the shops. Invite children over to play and join some clubs. In no time your kids will be part of the community and will drag you in with them. Finally, embrace the culture and go native. The kids will love it!