Stay safe, enjoy your holiday

When you’re in alien surroundings, it’s easy to fall into problems. Whether it’s getting lost, having too much to drink, or forgetting where you’re staying, the simple truth is that when we’re on holiday, we often leave our common sense at the airport.

Being in the right frame of mind before you jet off is the best way to ensure at least some semblance of sense remains when the sun beats down and the drinks begin to flow. Getting enough sleep pre-flight is important, and to make sure I’m not sleep deprived before I hit the airport, I often stay in a hotel the right before. Getting enough sleep means I’m less stressed, and less stress means a clearer head. Cloudy vision is never a bad thing when holidays are concerned.


To cut stress further, I make sure I’m bang up to date with my extras like holiday insurance and airport and flight, so I’m fully informed on any changes and where I need to be, when. The last time I went away I regularly checked Stansted departures in the days leading up to my flight, and as a result, I was calmer and well informed.

If you head off on holiday with your head in the wrong place, stressed out and exhausted, then you’re more likely to get yourself in a mess. If however you remain calm and balanced, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have the holiday of a lifetime.

The main danger with being overseas on holiday is that people often drink too much, sometimes without realising it because of stronger alcohol measures, which we’re often not used to. Drinking in the sun is also a recipe for a serious hangover. Drinking too much lowers our inhabitations and can lead us into danger, as it impairs our reactions to dangerous situations. The best way to conquer this is to just be aware of how much you’re drinking, I’m not suggesting you shouldn’t enjoy yourself, but moderation is key, and if you are planning on a big night out, maybe suggest one person in the group takes responsibility for making sure everyone stays together and gets back in one piece, by them drinking less, then of course, take it in turns for following nights.


Common sense is the major key, so don’t fall into situations that you wouldn’t even entertain at home, e.g. walking down dark alleyways, or getting into a stranger’s car. You wouldn’t do it back home, so why is it okay to do it overseas in a holiday resort? Dangers are still there, and they’re very real.

At the end of the day, your holiday is there to be enjoyed, so don’t ruin it by being irresponsible, or not listening to your gut. Your intuition is your strongest weapon against problems – if you listen to it, it will look after you.