Staying safe when you’re out travelling – your evening guide

Remember when you first started going out and your parents would lecture you about how to stay safe? Don’t leave your drink unattended, don’t go anywhere with a stranger and make sure you’re not being followed? Wise words indeed – but the same thing certainly applies to travelling. Heading out into the world and exploring a new country can be a truly daunting experience – but with a little common sense, research and know how you can stay perfectly safe on a night out and hopefully keep out of trouble for the rest of your trip!

Unsure of where to start? Read on for an evening safety guide for travellers.

Get insured

Whether you’re looking for a simple, straight forward policy or annual travel insurance with pre-existing conditions it’s never been more important to get yourself cover while you’re travelling. From your luggage going missing, to cancelled flight and trips to broken bones and illness, travel insurance and medical insurance should be at the top of anyone’s travel checklist! Make sure it’s on yours before you hop on that plane.

Get some advice first

So, your hoping to head to the nearest bar for some much needed R&R, but is the place you’re headed to really safe? Ask a member of staff at your accommodation and double check that where you’re headed is friendly, welcoming and has a good reputation.


You might be planning on taking public transport to the bar or restaurant, but what about getting back to your accommodation? Public transport might have clocked off for the night and you don’t know how repeatable the taxi ranks are…again, speak to someone at your accommodation who will help. They’ll either give you a number to call later on in the evening or book you a taxi in advance.

Stay in a public place

You might have met some really cool locals, or fellow travellers, or hit it off with someone romantically, but you should always exercise caution. Never be coaxed away from a public place, try meeting again the next day in daylight if possible.

Try to make friends with your server

Whether it’s a server, or a bartender, be polite, tip and be friendly. That way if things turn sour, you need assistance or a quick getaway they’ll come to your aid.

Be aware of your drink

The same rules that apply in your regular bar/club haunts back home – apply here. Be aware of your drink at all times. Never leave it unattended and drink from a bottle if possible.

Know how to get help

If you need help at home you’ll call the emergency services. So, before you travel make sure you’re aware of the number to call if you need assistance. It’s also worth learning a few phrases in the local language too. “Doctor”, “Police”, “Help” are all good places to start.

Hide your money

Make sure your money isn’t all in one place, that way if your purse/wallet is stolen or your pickpocketed you’ll have enough to get home. Think socks, band of your underwear or your bra.