Sustainable Destinations for the Eco-Conscious Traveler

Travelling is a great way to expand your mind and enjoy all the beauty other destinations offer. However, there is a downside to frequent travel in terms of pollution and activities that cause environmental degradation. With this in mind, many people are looking for destinations that observe sustainable practices. Here are three unique destinations you can travel to. Be sure you are doing your part in conserving the environment.

  • Iceland

When you need to relax in a hot spring and breathe fresh clean air, Iceland is the destination to visit. The country is best known for its natural hot springs, which never disappoint. One of the most famous geothermal spas you can visit is the Blue Lagoon. This is an artificial resort which pays special attention to conserving the natural features of the spa. This resort’s very design aims to maintain balance and effect harmony between nature and its inhabitants. This resort was certified by Vakinn in 2015 as a sustainable tourist destination for its sustainability efforts. The sustainability at Blue Lagoon Iceland is echoed in all their activities, from the skincare treatments they offer, made from minerals, algae and silica harvested from the lagoon to the food they serve, extremely fresh and locally sourced on the island. The Blue Lagoon has received many awards, such as COSMOS and the ELLE 2021 Green Beauty Stars awards, for their green, pure and sustainable production practices in their skincare products.

  • Costa Rica

If you are looking for a different type of travel adventure, then visiting a local farm in Costa Rica will do the trick. This tourism is suited not only for farmers and people in the agricultural sector but also for those curious about how organic food is grown. Many local farms in the remote parts of Costa Rica have made sustainable farming practices a cornerstone of all their operations. You can even participate in some of these activities, and you get to enjoy a lovely farm-to-table meal at the end. The government has ensured that they support eco-friendly resorts. These types of accommodations are guaranteed to have eco-friendly power sources such as solar energy and waste and water recycling, among others.

  • New Zealand 

Many factors contribute to New Zealand being named one of the least polluted countries in the world. On top of that list are the low population and the resident’s zeal and determination to preserve their environment. The efforts of the locals and stringent measures by the government to keep the country’s pollution as low as possible make it the perfect destination for an eco-conscious traveller. One such government policy is its strict laws against littering. Very few countries have laws that punish citizens and tourists alike for littering as New Zealand does. Littering fines go from £49 to as high as £14,863 depending on the severity of the offence. Many campaigns encourage citizens and tourists to care for their environment, such as Tiaki, which aims to eliminate up to twenty-five per cent of greenhouse gas emissions. This is one of those countries where you can rest easy knowing that you are in a country that lives out its environmentally-friendly goals.

It is one thing to enjoy the beauty of a country. Still, it is an even better experience knowing that this beauty will be preserved for future generations. So, which of these destinations have you been to? Which would you recommend?