Things to do in Goa to make the best trip ever

While Goa is quite renowned for its cottages and party rhythms, in Goa, don’t limit yourself to just crazy parties. There’s always much more to be learned than just moving from hut to hut. There are several interesting activities to do in Goa, from boating to island surfing and from discovering the mysterious caves to tempering the excitement rush. Well, these are a few of Goa’s most beautiful and quirky locations, and if you overlook these, you haven’t seen anything:

Butterfly Conservatory

In Goa, curious what to do? You will explore the Butterfly Conservatory on your journey back from the expansive spice farms of Goa and experience the best joyful and vibrant drooping activities to do in Goa. Not just sit and observe, and you can serve those magnificent creatures with nutritious fruits and observe them collect honey joyfully. Doesn’t that sound fascinating? You can search their website for further relevant data.

Spice Plantations

In the exploration of locations other than coastline to explore in Goa? Many of the very unconventional areas in Goa to experience are the spice farms. Travel through a new, spicy farm and read about different spices. The two main popular farms you need to see are Savoi Plantations and Sahakari Spice Farm. You also continue to connect with the magnificent tuskers other than loving the stunning scenery and wandering through the farm, which appears to be one of the nicest options to do in Goa. Offer them a shower or lie on their backs when they pour water on you.

Goan Backwaters

Crab collecting is no game for a kid! Wouldn’t you would like to make your hands messy? Frightened of taking a tiny photo? Oh, it isn’t your idea of a good time then. You emphasize the statement that it’s one of the weird stuff to do in Goa, but it’s still enjoyable. You build up cages for the crabs with handmade nets named ‘Kobblem’ and grab them in the Goan backwaters or on the shore of the sea. There are numerous crab collecting trips in Goa, or you can only find a native mate in one of the communities and come around for a small fun with them and stay at Fairfield by Marriott Goa Anjuna. Do not skip this part since it is one of Goa’s best stuff.

Mandovi River

Through the morning, evening, and moonlight, the Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC) operates various riverboat trips on the Mandovi river. There are two ways if you decide to enjoy a morning boat, one from the Panaji jetty through the Mandovi to the Zuari bay and the other through the Mandovi to Aldona and a natural water pool. There are even several other private companies providing a number of special cruises or boat trips for experiences of the sunset and dolphin or crocodile watching.

Island Hopping

The decision to travel island traveling is one of the activities that you will have to do in Goa. These isolated beaches of Goa are possibly the most spectacular region of the state away from the urban rhythm and the noisy visitors. Many boat trips back, these communities greet you with ancient Portuguese-style homes encircling the scenery, green plants, and a charming atmosphere. Grab a few of the latest amazing bakeries you’ve ever experienced and engage with the beautiful people in the local atmosphere and take rest comfortably at Fairfield by Marriott Goa Anjuna.


One of the exotic activities to perform in Goa is the observation of dolphins. Not many individuals already hear about this incredible practice and it is always overlooked. Typically, the ferries commence at Fort Aguada, Panaji Jetty, or Sinquerim. You can even enjoy a dive in the water and connect with these beautiful animals if you’re permitted, but just if proper protective measures are provided. This should be added to your checklist of activities to explore in Goa.

Devil’s Canyon

Devil’s Canyon, therefore, is the location to still be a famous spot. They claim that a devil uses power over any alive thing in the region, such as the fish, to rule in this region. The region was corrupted when a native deceived the devil and snatched his fish. Still, nowadays, you can experience the mysterious sensations and the strange atmosphere when you head to that location. The wild river streaming with numerous rocky areas in a shallow canyon is renowned for destroying the lives of several kayakers. Of all the offbeat locations in Goa, if mysterious exploration is your favorite, this location is actually a fascinating place.

Goan Caves

Few tourists understand that in Goa there are mystical caves and that they have significant architectural and ecological significance and could even be identified as many of Goa’s most charming locations. A few of these caves are also made by human beings. The Lamgau Caves, the Arvalem Caves, and the Rivona Caves are a few of the quite significant Goan caves that you need to search out. Caving is not to be missed the second time you travel to Goa. We think the atmosphere will be absolutely awesome! Do not delete from your list of wants, one of the best amazing things to see in Goa.

Cabo De Rama

Just so many times, beginning from the Indian people to the Mughal empire to the Dutch, Cabo De Rama has also been defeated. After winning this in 1700, the church and chapel were constructed by the Dutch. Even though the structure is not quite professionally preserved and not even highly established among visitors, from each section of the fort, you could enjoy beautiful viewpoints of the shore. If you still think about what to explore during your holiday in Goa, just explore the path to the fort.

As Goa can become quite warm and moist in the summers, around October to March, the perfect period to explore the region is. December is a really busy season here, and Xmas time and New Year’s Holiday are all covered with islands. Parties take place on both large and tiny islands and December is a perfect season for tourists.

Ultimately, making the journey to Goa that has been canceled for quite a long now? These offbeat tourist attractions in Goa are what determines the excitement of a genuine beach town traveler.