Tips and Advice for Making the Move to Australia

Australia is an amazing country, with a lot to see and do. Job prospects are promising, the weather is glorious, and there is, of course, the lovely beaches. So it isn’t hard to see why people decide to emigrate over there. The chances are that if you are thinking of making the move, you will have visited before. If you haven’t, and just like the idea of it, then you need to make a trip out there. You may find that it is a little too different for you after all. But if you’re set on moving there, here are a few tips and some advice.


First things first, you need to apply for a visa to live over there. This can be quite a quick process for some or quite a slow process for others. So allow quite a while for it to all get sorted out. You will need either a temporary or permanent visa. It might be worth paying for a trusted emigration agent as they do this o a daily basis. They can help resolve issues and do a lit of the work for you. It is an extra cost that you could do without, but it will save a lot of hassle.

Then you need to think about where you want to live. There may be a city or town that you are set on living in. If there isn’t, do lots of research to see what will be best for your and your family. Jobs and vacancies play a large role in where you will live, so take that into consideration too. If you have decided on the location, then it is time to look for an area that you would love to live in. In Melbourne, the desirable area is the CBD area. In Sydney, some of the best areas are the inner west suburbs or the Hills district. So do your research and then look for homes in those areas. Search for apartments for sale in Melbourne CBD or the Sydney suburbs, for example.

You might be planning to get a job when you are over there. But it is good to have something lined up beforehand, if possible. So look into the sector that you want to work in and see what vacancies are around. Then you can think about emailing and calling to set up interviews before you go. You could explain the situation, and some people might even have the first meeting with you over video conference. Then they might want to meet with you again once you are there.

One of the best pieces of advice is to make sure that you have a lot of money saved up. From flights back and forth to shipping costs, or having to furnish a home, it all adds up. There may be legal fees and even fees for changing over your driver’s licence. So take your time and plan ahead. It is important to save as much as you can for the move.