Top 4 Things to do in Tbilisi, Georgia

If you’re interested in traveling somewhere exotic that not many people have been to, then you should add Georgia to your list. Travellers that have been to Georgia always comment on how friendly the locals are and how proud they are to have visitors exploring this beautiful, bite-sized country. Whether you’re planning an independent visit or choosing a tour, there are many great things to do in this city. Start by checking out Area.ge and then read on for more tips of special things to do in Tbilisi, Georgia.

1. Old Town (Altstadt) 
Walking around the old town of Tbilisi feels a lot like stepping back in time. While it’s beautiful to visit by day so you can really appreciate the beautiful architecture and buzzing streets, a visit by night is something really special. This labyrinth of narrow streets has plenty of secrets, from a fortress through to a waterfall, you can find almost anything here. Tbilisi has a strong influence of both Europe and Asia, which is really evident especially in the old town.

2. Aerial Tramway
This is hands down the best way to reach the Narikala fortress which is another great tourist attraction here. You’ll enjoy great views as you rise up, including a wonderful view of the Peace Bridge. Many people choose to just get a ticket for the gondola on the way up, preferring to enjoy a nice stroll down the hill on the way back. The botanical gardens located at the top are worth a visit too.

3. Tsminda Sameba Cathedral
Most places around the world that you visit have really old cathedrals which are beautiful for not only the history but their impressive design. The Tsminda Sameba Cathedral is a bit different – it’s an extremely modern cathedral that’s both large and impressive. Often modern buildings seem to lack personality when compared to older buildings, but this simply isn’t the case for this gorgeous church. If you have time, be sure to see it lit up at night as well, it’s simply stunning.

4. Do a Day Trip to Kazbegi
If you’re a fan of nature and the mountains, then Kazbegi is sure to delight you. The views are like something out of a postcard, making for a wonderful trip out of the city centre. The easiest way to get to Kazbegi is to organize a day trip, which will usually include a tour guide so you can learn about the area and the history. Although this is a striking place to visit in summer, it’s even more gorgeous in the winter when it is transformed into a snowy wonderland.

Georgia is a wonderful tourist destination that offers great value for money, a lot of diversity and history.